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6T residential Day 1

Wednesday 7th June | 17 comments

We have had a superb day!

We made good time driving to Pateley Bridge for our initial visit to Coldstone Cut. We decided to ‘go for it’ and try to push Ali up. He worked hard and, assisted by some friends (and some pushing by staff), he made it to the top! The views were stunning (as was the public art that acts as the viewing platform). It was hilariously windy!


We had lunch with 6CH and moved in to our tents. At 1.30 we began getting ready for our first activity: abseiling and gorge walking.

Once we were all kitted up we went to the bridge, high above the gorge, from which we were abseiling. Some were very nervous but we ALL did it, including Ali, and we supported each other and got very positive comments from members of the public watching on.


From Mr Tiffany’s group:

Once we had all got down successfully, we had a superb couple of hours scrambling around in the river. At this point, all the photos are from Mr Harris’ group as he was the only one that was daft enough to take a camera down (who, apart from the School Business Manager, was going to tell him off if it had got broken?).  The children had a fantastic time and it was probably more challenging than we expected. It was very slippery and we certainly needed to help each other. There was a lot of laughter and excitement.

As I write this, the children are roasting marshmallows on a fire (having had some mealworms and crickets to eat as an ‘amuse bouche’). What a day…


Some comments from the children:

Daisy – I found the Canoeing very enjoyable because I was quite good at it and could go fast. But my favourite activity was Gorge Walking because I kept falling on my back and floating all around.


Sally – I really enjoyed the abseiling because I had to lower myself down; it was so fun.


Ali – I was really scared but at the end I was super. I was really brave and enjoyed it when I got down with my friends.

17 responses to “6T residential Day 1”

  1. Amelia says:

    I enjoyed the absail the best because you didn’t get wet on the way down!

  2. Daisy says:

    My absolute favourite was Gorge Scrambling because I kept falling over and floating around. Also I loved the wall of Death because I kept turning around.

  3. Samr says:

    I really enjoyed the Gorge scrambling because we got to jump in the water.

  4. Khadijah says:

    I enjoyed the gorge scrambling the most ; it was very fun.

  5. Lauren says:

    I loved the gorge walking, it was by far the best activity although being challenging.

  6. Vicky Martin (Joel's mum) says:

    Great photos and video’s glad they are all having a great time

  7. Jayne Yap says:

    It’s great to see all the fun that you’re having and the good organisation and teamwork involved. I’m sure it will be a truly memorable residential.

  8. Mrs Bowker (Ty's mum) says:

    What great photos and videos of the children doing fantastic activities so far. So many smiley faces, can’t wait to see what they do today.

  9. Miss Bradley says:

    Wow! Looks like you’re having a brilliant time! Try everything and have fun!

  10. Adnan (ALI DAD) says:

    Amazing Pictures really happy to see that all the kids had wonderful fun all the pictures are truely remarkable. I am also happy to see that ALI had a phenomenal day taking part in great activities. Looking forward to more pictures and videos.

  11. Naila Ditta says:

    Ali’s mum
    The pictures and video’s look amazing and it looks as you are all having fun! Well done for helping eachother#6T#residential

  12. Ayaan's mum says:

    Ha! Both of course!

  13. Ayaan's mum says:

    Amazing photos and video footage. Definitely beats being in the classroom!!

    Well done everybody!

    • peterharris says:

      You say: “Definitely beats being in the classroom!!” Did you mean for the children, staff or both?

  14. Phoebe's Mum says:

    What a great first day! Well done everyone, great to see you all having so much fun!

  15. Khadijah's mum says:

    Wow what stunning pictures and fantastic videos ! It all looks really fun, a bit tricky but enjoyable too. Well done 6T in helping each other. Keep it up.

  16. Mrs Hawkhead says:

    Wow! Looks like you’ve had an amazing, adventurous, fun-filled first day. Well done to you all for being so brave.
    Mrs Hawkhead

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