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Friday 21st May | Comments are off for this post

Well done to 6S children who have written the blog this week!


On Monday, we started a new topic on angles. We were taught how many degrees are in a circle and how many degrees on a straight line. We were also taught what a quarter turn and what a 3 quarter turn is. The next day, we had to measure some angles using a protractor and it was pretty tricky because the protractors had 2 scales! Wednesday was very hard because lots of questions were asking us to measure reflex angles which are bigger than 180 degrees and smaller than 360 degrees. We had three types of challenges :  Easy, Medium and Hard. Some people did all 3 challenges while some didn’t. Mrs Dobkin had a hard job because she had to teach 2 different lessons on Friday!

 Ethan’s 10 question

  1. 21 x (3-1) = 
  2. 32 divided by 1.5 = 
  3. X = 13

T = X times 3

C = X times 6 + T x 14 

What is C?

  1. What is the mean of these numbers? 26, 56, 80, 54 
  2. E x W x R = 300763    R, E and W are the same number. What are their values?  E =              W =                  R =     
  3. 904 divided by 8 = 
  4. 542 x (343 divided by 49) = 
  5. 953 + 990958 = 
  6. 5555 – 896 = 
  7.  Y = 12         O = 2        G = 65    U = 108     R = 52     T = 17

What is YOGURT?


On Friday, we did science and we made periscopes! The first periscope was used by religious people and monks  to see over the heads of other people! It was also used for submarines so that they could see over the water.  We had a choice to make the periscope with a cereal box or with card. It was very fun and most of us were able to create a working one!


On Wednesday, we did PSHE and we were talking about the ups and downs about transition and heading into High school. We talked about how we can stay organised and prevent ourselves forgetting things. We were discussing not being scared about getting lost because an abundance of people are going to be there and a teacher is going to guide us. One of the most common worries was not making friends, being the odd one out and just not being yourself but thankfully we resolved the problems and we have a smile on our face even though there are still a few nerves.


During English we were writing about a clip called El Caminante, which is about a man who visits a village and walks a tightrope between cliffs. We drew plans for our versions of El Caminante which we will be writing soon. We also collected some great vocabulary for descriptive writing.


On Tuesday in P.E we did football and circuits. In football we focused on defending the goals and attacking the other goals. Some of us managed to stay on our feet, others were exhausted while playing invading games. We did this for one hour and then we moved on to circuits. All together we did eight circuits: star jumps, squat jumps, shuttle run, arm circles, sit ups, mountain climbers, triceps’ dips and lunges. After all the circuits we were really tired so we went to class and read our class book called holes. So far it is a very interesting book.


In PPA, the farming group saw some blue tits nesting in the bird box outside the greenhouse. They also left out a broken egg for a magpie to eat. The art group made brilliant clay models. They are doing Jean Tinguely and their models were based on that. The coders made multiple-choice adventure games.

Thank you and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

From Year 6

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