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A mysterious week in 6S

12/06/2020 at 18:11


We’ve had another excellent week at school with the children all working hard and producing some brilliant work.

We have continued to base our English work on The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. The children have been planning and writing their own stories about the pictures, focusing on structure and creating tension. Here is a selection of work from the week. Warning: there are lots of unhappy endings!

In science, we have been thinking about how we see – a mystery that first puzzled the ancient Greeks! In my group, we used our experiences and observations to explain that we see objects because light travels from a light source to an object and then reflects into our eyes. Sam explained how the image we see would be upside down if it wasn’t for our brains! We then used a concept cartoon to think about whether we would be able to see in a dark cave. Miss Levett’s group focused on different sorts of mirrors and why our reflections sometimes appear different.

In art we attempted some trickier drawings of people in motion. I was very impressed with the children’s efforts!

We have also been farming, coding, completing tennis challenges, using fractions, decimals and percentages and looking back on some very cute photos of 6S throughout their time at Farsley Farfield!

At home, the children have been working on newspaper reports, building up to a final piece based on Harry Potter. Well done for working hard on this task.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Mrs Sykes and the Year 6 team

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Back to School

05/06/2020 at 21:10


Dear 6S,

Thank you so much to all of you for making this first week ‘back to school’ so wonderful. Whether you are in my group, Miss Levett’s group or still learning from home, you have all made me so happy and proud on so many occasions this week!

It was a slightly strange start to the week (my group sat in rows so quietly it could have been SATs week and I could only wave at Miss Levett’s group from a distance) but by lunchtime things were starting to feel almost normal again. The children have taken on the responsibility of the new school rules in an incredibly impressive manner, but most importantly they have shown that they can still have fun while social distancing. Watching the children playing Shadow Tag, Apple Crumble, the-ball-game-that-I-don’t-know-the-name-of, running around in the rain or doing the pedal bin dance has definitely been the highlight of my week! Particularly where children are playing with classmates they might not have played with before, this has been so lovely to see. We might not all be able to be together at the moment, but we can still feel united as a class and help and support each other.

To the children at home, a special thank you for helping each other out on Google Classroom and for continuing to work so hard. I always look forward to reading your comments and seeing your work at the end of the day.

Here’s a taster of what we have been learning this week:


In maths we have been revising work on decimals, including multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 100, multiplying decimals by whole numbers, dividing decimals by whole numbers and writing decimals as fractions. The children have been challenged to think about different strategies they could use to solve these problems, rather than always relying on formal methods!


This week in English we have been looking at The Mysteries of Harris Burdick: a series of illustrations with only a title and a caption to give a clue about the story they tell. The children have come up with some brilliant ideas about the pictures (Miss Levett’s group in particular have been very imaginative, I hear!) and have produced some excellent writing focusing on describing settings and building up atmosphere. Here are a few examples of the children’s work:

Sam : It was half past eight in the evening when it happened. Unsurprisingly, he did not notice it at first. The anomaly only caught his attention when his antique wooden table almost fell over and his teacup shattered on the pristine white rug. He crouched down to pick the shards up and was taken aback at the sight of the bulge in the carpet. Leaning against the wall, he began to quickly think about all the possibilities. Before long, he had his favourite oak chair held aloft, ready to exterminate the pest under the carpet. Breathing deeply, he smashed the chair onto the lump, then, white-faced, leaned back against the chrome-white wall.

Two weeks passed and it happened again.

Joel: As the boy got closer, he was sure that it didn’t exist, but he kept on walking for his own curiosity. Eventually, he came across an opening and there it was. He couldn’t actually believe it. The area was majestic and luscious. While walking around, the rippling of the water was clear and made a soft splashing sound under the river. The trees lurking above the ground were swishing and swaying. The rocks on the surface were like stepping stones and were made of pure stone. None of those things actually interested the boy, that is, besides the harp. He stopped and was frozen when he saw it because it was a real, solid-gold harp. As he thought of selling it, it started to glow and shine whilst floating above the ground. The boy made his way over to it and stared at it from underneath, but in the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

Riley: Patricia saw something moving. “Aaah!” she yelled as it moved closer and closer to her brand new white sofas. “Go away,” she shouted at the top of her lungs. Against the floorboards, Patricia ran as quick as a flash. She ran straight into the dining room and grabbed her wooden, splinter-infested rocking chair and aimed for the moving rodent. She took a swing. “For goodness sake.” She had hit the shining (or not so shiny now) lamp, which had cost a lot of money; everything was just going wrong!

Corday: My heart was pounding out of my chest. I caught something out of the corner of my eye, I was certain I saw something move. As I looked down there was a sudden movement and a large unusual looking bulge under the rug. I froze in fear not knowing what it could be, I gasped and swallowed, my hands sweaty. As I stepped forward it just disappeared. 

Two weeks later, I sat in my room with my light dimly lit, slippers on and then suddenly the light moved. As the table was tipping over, I looked down and there it was again, the bulge under the rug. I quickly grabbed the dining room chair and lifted it up above my head, my hands grasping it tightly, my heart beating fast and my legs feeling like jelly. With all my strength I thrust the chair down and….

Jack: As the static noises droned out of the radio, cloaked in dust, the frail light seeped in through the decrepit window. The newspapers crackled as the faint noises of eager rats scouting for food under the decaying floor. The ice skate glinted in the moonlight, illuminating the silent room. Suddenly there was the noise of rusting metal grating against each other as the knob turned. As the creaking of the stairs increased, the shuffling stopped. Quiet. Only the lightning broke the silence. The creaks got louder as the knob turned to lock. As the anonymous human came down the rotting stairs the room was icy cold. There was a hand coming out of a hole in the wall. It looked like fear itself. Its feeble hand crumbling into a pile on the floor, spilling out grey powder, evaporating in front of his very eyes. A drip of sweat dripped onto the ground as it was no longer there. Breathing loudly he drew nearer his cautious steps grew louder. His violently shaking hand gripping the ancient knob. As his sweating hands unlocked the door darkness invaded the room no lightning no nothing just two beady eyes staring in the darkness. And it lashed out as the lightning struck.

Betsy: Walking down the stairs, all that could be heard was the old creaking of the flimsy wood. Tall as a giraffe, the man bumped his head yet again on the splintery ceiling. The silvery moonlight was the only source of light in the lonely cellar. Shivering as the icy, cold wind blew against his bare arms, his heeled shoes hit the ground.

Crash. The light was gone. Feeling around, the man heard the squeak of the door handle. Fragile fingers ran across his legs; he backed off. Scuttling around the room, the creature was trying to find something. One stair creaked. Then another. And another. Bang. The door shut. He was trapped.

The smell of copper burnt his nostrils as the nimble creature came nearer. Knocking over everything in its path, the skinny creature’s nails scratched at the floor as it scurried across the room. Then it stopped. Silence filled the room.

Then it pounced.

George: As the doorknob suddenly moves, it catches the corner of his eye. A flash of lightning fills up the room of light. The doorknob turns slowly.

Dripping sounds fill the room as water is leaking through the vent. Suddenly the rag falls and makes the man jump. Squeaking from the rats in the cellar as they scavenge for food. The man is shocked as scratching is coming from behind him. He quickly turns round to see what it is. Nothing. The scratching happens again yet there is nothing in the room. The man thinks that his cellar is haunted. The radio flicks on and plays. Static noises fill up the room. The man panics and switches off the radio. It doesn’t turn off. The light turns off leaving the room dark. In pitch darkness the man hears the scratching. Lightning strikes as a figure emerges behind the man…

Great work everyone!


In PSHE we thought about how we can look after our mental health, including the importance of giving and receiving compliments. The children did really well with this activity! Today we also watched the NSPCC’s Childline assembly, which gave some advice about what you could do if you have any worries at the moment. If anyone would like to watch it at home, here it is.

In other subjects, we played tennis in P.E (Harry and Sam were our champions this week), learned how to draw people in proportion in art, and listened to Carole King’s You’ve Got a Friend in music. A very busy week!

Looking forward to seeing some new faces next week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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Friday 22nd May

22/05/2020 at 07:00


We’ve come to the end of a full half term of home learning – well done everyone! I know I’ve said it before, but I continue to be impressed every day with the work that is being submitted and the effort you are all putting in. Thank you so much.

This week was cooking and baking week and you did not disappoint with your creations! I said I would pick a star baker, so here are a few ‘winners’ just for fun…

The Paul Hollywood Award for Best Bread

The nominees are…

  • Erin’s soda bread
  • Tia’s ‘snowgirl’ white bread
  • Stevie’s cheese rolls
  • Jack’s Challah loaf

And the winner is… Jack!

The Mary Berry Award for Best Cake

The nominees are…

  • Elsa’s chocolate fudge cake
  • Lewis’ skittles cake
  • Sophie’s Victoria sponge
  • Adam’s cheesecake
  • Harry’s no-slug chocolate cake

And the winner is… Lewis!

The Nigella Lawson award for Best Sweet Treat

The nominees are…

  • Corday’s chocolate cornflake buns
  • Betsy’s red velvet brownies
  • Jaya’s scones
  • Erin’s chocolate flapjacks

And the winner is… Betsy!

The Jamie Oliver Award for the Best Savoury Dish

The nominees are…

  • Joey’s fry up
  • Zachary’s sweet and sour chicken
  • Sally’s tuna pasta bake
  • Sam’s unnamed pasta dish

And the winner is… Sally!

The Heston Blumenthal Award for Best Showstopper

And the winner is… Zahrah!

I had a very difficult time picking those winners as they were all so excellent. Well done again to everyone who managed to cook something this week, even if you didn’t manage to send a photo in. I hope you enjoyed making (and eating) your creations!

Here are your tasks for today:

  • English – Finish writing your recipes
  • English – Spelling Quiz
  • Maths – Friday Challenge (problem solving)
  • Topic – Geography – Brain Pop lesson
  • Topic – Coding – You keep asking for coding, so I have set another challenge you can complete if you want to!
  • Google Meet – 1pm – All get together for class ‘photo’ for your yearbooks. Brush your hair, get dressed, and pop onto Google Meet where I will take a screen shot of you all together. It would be brilliant to have you all there!

Have a lovely restful half term everyone. To those of you who will be coming back to school on the 1st of June, I’m really looking forward to seeing you. To those who will be staying at home, keep up the amazing work, stay safe and as soon as we can, we will arrange an opportunity for us all to get together again.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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Wednesday 20th May

20/05/2020 at 07:00


Good morning Year 6,

We’re busy cooking and baking in 6S this week – well done to those of you who have already made a start on this challenge! I’ve been very, very impressed with your efforts so far!

Well done to Joel and Sam who were joint champions on our Spelling Shed Hive game on Google Meet yesterday. Remember to keep practising your spellings at home as much as you can.

Here are your tasks for the next two days:


  • English – Recipe writing task (due on Friday)
  • Maths – Divide fractions by integers
  • Geography – Time Zones


  • English – Fluency Tutor reading task
  • Maths – Fractions of an amount
  • Topic – P.E challenge
  • Google Meet – 1pm – maths game and help with maths work

Enjoy the sunshine today; make sure to get outside as much as you can – don’t forget the suncream!

I wonder if anyone else has found a fairy garden in their local area? Is there something you could do to brighten up someone else’s daily exercise? This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the focus is Be Kind. See if you can do something kind for someone else today.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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Monday 18th May

18/05/2020 at 07:00


Good Morning Year 6,

Here are details of your tasks for the next two days:


  • English – Using hyperbole, similes and metaphors (BBC Bitesize lesson)
  • Maths – Multiplying fractions by integers
  • Topic – History – The Industrial Revolution: Industrial Power


  • English – Reading Comprehension – The Industrial Revolution
  • Maths – Multiply fractions by fractions
  • Topic – Cooking / baking challenge!
  • Google Meet – 11:00am – Join us for a Spelling Shed Hive Game and to go over the maths work from Monday and Tuesday

Please also practise the first set of words from your spelling pack this week.

Today I’ll leave you with the yummy banana bread that Elsa made as part of last week’s Friday maths challenge – well done Elsa!

Wishing you all a lovely week,

Mrs Sykes

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Friday 15th May

15/05/2020 at 07:00


Good morning Year 6,

It’s Friday again! Let’s start off with some more fantastic rainbow art, this time from Jaya.

I’m really enjoying seeing all your artwork and creative projects – do keep the pictures coming in!

It has been a busy week in 6S as usual. We have been learning about latitude and longitude and labelling the different parts of the Earth:

Well done Pareen!

And we completed some more draw-alongs with Rob Biddulph:

This week I also set the children a debating task. The children really rose to this challenge and have produced some fantastic work, demonstrating a mature ability to consider things from different viewpoints and use evidence to form their opinions. Unsurprisingly, a lot of children chose to consider the issue of whether children should return to school on the 1st of June, but we also had a range of other interesting discussion topics, including footballers’ salaries, use of plastic, reducing the voting age, animal testing and the all-important debate of which are better: cats or dogs?! This work isn’t due until tomorrow, but here is a taster of the children’s work so far:

For today’s Google Meet, as well as the usual end of week quiz, I thought we might have some votes on the issues the children have written about, so have your work ready if you would like to try to change anyone’s opinion about your topic!

Here are details of today’s assignments:

  • English – Debating Lesson 2 (finishing work)
  • Maths – Friday Challenge. This week’s White Rose Friday Challenge is a baking activity with an associated maths sheet that you might like to try OR you can make a poster about the different types of quadrilateral using the PowerPoint and poster on Google Classroom to help you.
  • Topic – French – Days of the Week
  • Google Meet – 1pm – Chat, quiz and debates (very informal, no pressure to talk, pets and snacks welcome, would be lovely to see you all there!)

Thank you all for another week of hard work.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs Sykes

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