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War Horse and WW1

06/11/2020 at 16:32


We’ve got off to a great start with our new topic and class text this week; the children have clearly done some excellent research over the holidays and brought a lot of knowledge to our first lessons.

In history, we started by thinking about the causes of the First World War, working in groups to make timelines for the countries of the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. This involved teamwork, careful measuring and some maths to work out how long the timelines needed to be! The children were surprised by how long the timelines ended up, and the fact that there was no one single cause, rather a combination of factors. Everyone worked really hard to get their head around some quite tricky concepts. Well done.

In English, we are enjoying reading our new book: War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. The children have been applying their reading skills of predicting, summarising and clarifying, and have also been writing in role as Zoey the horse and Albert’s father, who is not a very popular character with the class!

War Horse: Amazon.co.uk: Morpurgo, Michael: Books

Probably the first thing the children noticed when they came into the classroom after the holiday, was the mould that had grown on the bread we had placed around the room before half term. We spent a very exciting (and slightly horrifying) lesson having a look at our results and trying to draw some conclusions about what we found out. Generally, we found that moist bread in both dark and light conditions seemed to grow the most mould. Adding jam or butter seemed to slow down the process of mould growing. We also noticed that there were several different colours of mould! The children had good ideas about what they might try next having carried out the investigation. The bread is now safely in the bin!


Well done to the children who completed their Bikeability training this week. The instructors were really pleased with your effort and behaviour. Most children from 6S have their sessions next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Remember to wrap up warm, bring gloves and a coat and wear suitable shoes. Also don’t forget your bike and helmet unless you requested to borrow one on your reply slip.


For homework this week children have a maths task (multiples) and a spelling sheet (homophones).

A quick reminder that children should be recording their Extreme Learning in their planner and having this signed by an adult five times a week. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for this if they are not doing so already.

Special mentions today went to Lillie and Stan – congratulations to both of them. Well done also to Joven who got a Mathletics Gold.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Sykes

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A spooky end to the term!

23/10/2020 at 21:11


It was lots of fun ending our first half term with a Halloween-themed dress up day – I was so impressed with all the children’s costumes! Well done to Joven who was awarded best Year 6 costume.

We also had some fantastic entries to the pumpkin and scarecrow competitions. Congratulations to Stan for being the KS2 scarecrow winner with his brilliant Thor creation. Judging all the competitions was a very difficult job, so thank you to everyone who entered and put in so much effort.

As we were all dressed up, it seemed only right to have a go at some spooky writing today. We watched a short animated film called ‘Alma’ about a young girl who found a very unusual doll shop. The children were really engaged when discussing the film and did some excellent writing, working on creating suspense when retelling the story. It was lovely that so many children were keen to read their work out at the end of the lesson.

Image result for alma literacy shed


In other curriculum news, 6S is now home to various pieces of bread that we are hoping will grow lots of lovely mould for us over the half term holiday! We are trying to find out the conditions that mould grows best in. Each group chose one variable to change (light, moisture, warmth, the colour of the bread or the topping) and set up a fair test. We now have bread (safely in food bags) in the cupboard, under the drawers, taped to the windows, walls and even the projector! I look forward to sharing the results with you when we get back to school.


Children have three tasks for their half term homework:

  • Learning Log – Research about WW1
  • Spelling – Practise words from the Year 5 / 6 spelling list
  • Maths – Complete tasks on Mathletics. I have assigned everyone ‘Multiply: 2-digit number, regroup’. Most people also have other tasks that have not yet been completed. Have a go at as many as you can. Remember that it is often helpful to have a piece of paper and a pencil for your working out.
  • More maths! I have also set up a TT Rockstars girls vs. boys Battle to run for the week of half term. Let’s see which team can win (and become a little bit more confident with their times tables in the process!).

Star Wars Day

Back by popular demand, we will be having Star Wars Day next half term. Children will be invited to dress up as their favourite Star Wars character and take part in a quest to find out all about the passive voice! The exact date is to be confirmed (we will send a letter out with full details after the half term break) but it will be towards the end of the half term. There is no need to spend money on a costume, but I know some of you are keen to start preparing!


Remember that Bieability sessions will also be starting in the first week back after half term (please check your child’s letter for the dates of their sessions). Don’t forget to bring your bikes and helmets unless you requested to borrow them on the reply slip.

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic start to Year 6; I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you all over the last seven weeks. It was lovely to meet / speak to lots of parents at our parents’ evenings this week too. Wishing you all a very well-deserved break and I’ll look forward to seeing you in a week!

Mrs Sykes

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A busy two weeks!

16/10/2020 at 18:22


Here are some of the things we have been doing in 6S recently!


I’ve been so impressed with the children’s Learning Log homework over the last two weeks. Everyone has been really enthusiastic to share their knowledge about earthquakes and it’s been wonderful to hear how much effort they put into their work at home. Many children confidently spoke in front of the class and showed a really good understanding. We also had some very impressive ICT skills – Isaac’s slide transitions being a particular highlight!

Jellyfish Attack!

In English, we prepared for some narrative writing by acting out a scene from Kensuke’s Kingdom where Michael is stung by a jellyfish. After watching the Christmas production last year, it came as no surprise that the children loved this task and gave some very dramatic performances! The children thought carefully about how Kensuke would have been feeling and what atmosphere they would want to create when writing this scene. We have been slowly learning more about this character and the children have made some great predictions about what else we might find out about him.

Yeast investigations

In Science, we were looking forward to a practical lesson testing out the conditions in which yeast works best. Unfortunately, our first attempt gave us very disappointing results – most groups had almost no reaction. We thought about why this might have been: some groups probably killed off the microorganisms using water that was too hot and other groups wondered if they should have used more sugar. A few days later, we decided to give it another go, this time setting up an investigation as a class. One of our investigations still didn’t work well, but the other gave us a very exciting half an hour watching as balloons filled with the carbon dioxide that was produced as the yeast fed on the sugar. Our results showed us that the yeast that was in warm water with some sugar, but not too much sugar, worked best. I think if we repeated our investigation again, we would mix the ingredients together more.


Finally, as part of our Covid-friendly music lessons, we had a go at learning the chorus of ‘Happy’ using sign language. I was impressed with the children’s concentration during this and they did really well to remember all the actions!

Special Mention

Special mentions for the last two weeks went to Ella, Esha, Emily and Aaminah – well done all of you!


Homework this week is a maths task on short division and a spelling word search. Remember, when adding a suffix to a word ending in -fer , you double the r when the fer is stressed! Learning Log homework will be given out next week.


Today, letters about Bikeability (which will be happening next half term) and Parents’ Evening should have gone home. If you have not received your parents’ evening slot, please contact the school office.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Sykes

Looking after the chickens on our last day in the den area at lunchtime 🙂
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Putting our survival skills to the test!

02/10/2020 at 17:47


Everyone in 6S was very excited to have their first playtime in the dens on Monday – it was a great opportunity to try out the survival skills we had been writing about! I was really impressed with the way the children worked together and with the fantastic shelters they built. Mr Harris has been having a great time too, teaching the children how to make bows and arrows. I’ll try to take some more photos next week, but here are a few from yesterday.

In the classroom, the children finished their survival instructions. They certainly know a lot about life in the wild – I feel very reassured to know I am in such safe hands! Here are some examples of the children’s work:

We have also been getting musical in 6S, using glockenspiels (with accompaniment from a guitar and a violin) and creating electronic beats (sadly I didn’t get the dance moves on camera!). We hope you enjoy!


  • Maths: Negative Numbers – due Wednesday 7th October
  • Spelling: Adding suffixes to words ending in -fer – due Wednesday 7th October
  • Learning Log: Research about earthquakes – due Wednesday 14th October

We are the champions!

Our Extreme Learning score this week was 99%, making us the winners! Well done everyone and keep up the fantastic work!

Special mentions went to Aarav and Ethan 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Mrs Sykes

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Desert Island Survival and Negative Numbers

25/09/2020 at 16:31


Would you know what to do if you were stranded on a desert island? This has been the question we have been asking in 6S this week, after Michael (from Kensuke’s Kingdom) fell overboard the Peggy Sue and found himself washed up on a beach with just his dog, Stella, and the feeling of mysterious eyes watching him.

We made the most of the late summer sunshine by reading this chapter of the story outside on the top field, by our den area. We discussed our ideas for how we would survive and the children had some great ideas. We all agreed that shelter, water and food would be top on our list of priorities. We then watched some videos in class to get some more tips. Everyone was surprised to learn that you could survive for three weeks without food!

We will be using what we have learnt to write a guide for how to survive on a desert island. We have already started planning these, and I am really looking forward to completing our instructions next week.

In maths we have been rounding and exploring negative numbers. To help us think about what happens when you add and subtract negative numbers, we played a hot air balloon game, where positive numbers represented puffs of hot air and negative numbers represented sandbags. The children had fun playing and showed a really good understanding of this topic.

Children have two homework tasks this week: a spelling sheet and a rounding sheet. Both tasks are due in on Wednesday 30th September. There are also some spelling lists assigned on Spelling Shed for you to practise.

This week’s special mentions went to Charlie and Zak – well done!

See you all on Monday!

Mrs Sykes

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Ship’s Logs

18/09/2020 at 17:04


The children in 6S have done some fantastic writing this week! First we read the ship’s logs from Kensuke’s Kingdom. We explored the things that happened to Michael and the emotions he would have been feeling, performing some of our favourite bits for the class (with lots of giggles but some great acting too!).

Then, we wrote our own ship’s log entries, imagining what else might happen to Michael on his journey and writing a first person account. Here are some examples of our work.

We have also been exploring ordering and comparing numbers in maths, naming and locating the continents and oceans in geography, and even practising our French with Mr Hemming!

P.E choices will start next Tuesday: children should have brought home a letter with them today.

Our Extreme Learning score this week was 91%. A good start with plenty of room for improvement next week!

Three homework tasks were set today:

  • Spelling – -able and -ible words. Due on Wednesday 23rd September.
  • Maths – ordering and comparing numbers. Due on Wednesday 23rd September.
  • Learning Log – Branching databases. Due on Wednesday 30th September.

This week’s special mentions went to Phoebe and Lucy. Well done to both of them!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Sykes

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