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6S residential 2019 Day 1

03/06/2019 at 20:25


We have had a very successful and happy day. The children have risen to the challenges and we are proud of them all.

We spent an hour at Coldstones Cut above Pateley Bridge. We battled high winds to reach the top and admire the clear view of the quarry and the wide and wonderful North Yorkshire surroundings.

We got to How Stean Gorge at 12 noon. The tents are all set up for us and the sun shone. It is due to rain and be windy tomorrow and our itinerary may change: shouldn’t affect the via ferrata too much as the gorge provides some shelter. I doubt that we’ll do canoeing.

After unloading, getting into our tents and eating lunch we had our first activities: abseiling and gorge scrambling!  Conditions were perfect. Almost everybody abseiled into the gorge: some seemed to want their money’s worth and went very slowly (Heather and Summer) but others were down in just a few seconds (Manroop, Evie, Yusuf). Yusuf shouted out like Tarzan throughout his descent! Everyone was very supportive of each other.  Everyone did the gorge scrambling and there was much laughter and hilarity. Ollie W led his group through a cave and most children did high jumps from a ledge.


Gorge scrambling:

This evening the children have had some free time and have had a lovely evening walk up to Middlemoor.

Sorry the videos are mainly one group of children: it’s hard to share a Go Pro down a gorge and our other camera has failed (hence the poor still photos). Sorry!

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Year 6 SATs Week

17/05/2019 at 16:44


We are so proud of how well all of the Year 6 children have worked this week! They kept going when things were challenging and really took it as an opportunity to show off what they can do.

We finished the week with a great party day! This morning, we enjoyed the classrooms being turned into cinemas, complete with popcorn and treats. This afternoon, everyone had a lovely time playing outside in our beautiful school grounds!

We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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And just like that…

17/05/2019 at 14:26


A wonderful, positive week in 6S – well done everyone!

All Year 6 children approached their SATs tests positively and were determined to be the best that they could be. All the staff are proud of how hard the children worked and just as we wrote to the children last week, SATs only measure a small part of a child – they do not measure how talented, how kind or how funny they are.

Between SATs papers, children have been staying relaxed with extra playtimes, relaxed revision sessions and games of Danish rounders. It has been especially pleasing to see how well the children have worked and played together this week. Here’s to a very enjoyable (and lots of hard work!) end to the year.

Well done all Year 6!

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Roman Numerals Revision

10/05/2019 at 09:58


Maths book

LO: To revise Roman numerals.

Follow the link below. Answer the questions in your book.

Roman Numerals

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Grammar Test Errors

10/05/2019 at 09:05


Next clean page in literacy book.

Friday 10th May

LO: To identify and correct errors made in a Grammar and Punctuation test.

GPS Common Errors Paper 2

In your literacy book, write down the mistake that the child has made. Also write down what the correct answer should have been if it is appropriate to do so.

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Three Mark Questions

10/05/2019 at 08:22


Maths books


LO: To answer 3 mark questions

Follow the link below. Do working out in your book and make sure your answer is clear.

3 mark questions

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