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6T Sports Day

07/07/2017 at 16:33


Sports day is on Wednesday of next week, the 12th July. We are going to arrange which race everyone is doing on Tuesday morning so please think about the following:


  • Which events you would be best at? (They’re the same as last year)
  • Which level you should compete at? (Amateur, Professional or Elite)
  • Which are your backup events in case you don’t get to do the ones you want?
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Year 6 SRE – Day 3

07/07/2017 at 16:06


This morning, we had another super SRE (sex and relationship education) session discussing gender stereotypes.

We talked a lot about how the media portrays men and women and how society sometimes expects us to look or behave.

We use the following videos as jumping off points for our discussions:

Always: Like a Girl

Nike: What are girls made of?

Big Boys do Cry

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Year 6 SRE – Day 2

05/07/2017 at 21:04


Today we continued our SRE (sex and relationship education) lessons in Year 6.

We split into gender groups – the girls with Mrs Heap & Mrs Carney and the boys with Mr Cooke & Mr Tiffany.

The girls began with a short review of menstruation and spent some time talking about sanitary pads and tampons. We were pleased that many of the girls have already spoken to someone at home about getting prepared for the start of their period. We have encouraged those who haven’t yet asked for a small supply of sanitary pads to do so in the next few weeks.

Both groups watched the “Boy Talk” video to find out more about the changes boys go through during puberty.

The second half of the afternoon was all about how babies are made and how babies are born. We watched a video about sexual intercourse and pregnancy.  The children asked many sensible questions and we had a very educational discussion.

Once again, we were impressed by the maturity of all the children. On Friday, we will continue our SRE lessons with our session about the portrayal of men, women and sex in the media. Please send in any magazine adverts you have that portray men and women in different ways (fashion, perfume, makeup, sports equipment etc).

Thank you.

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Roman Gods and Goddesses

28/06/2017 at 21:26


This afternoon we’re going to learn about Roman religion and specifically focussing on the gods and goddesses.


Task 1:

Read this and answer the ten question quiz at the bottom.

Read this 2nd if you finish quickly

Write down any questions you have about Roman gods on the board. Check if someone else has put that question on and put a tick next to it to show you also want to ask and answer it.


Task 2:

Select a question that you’re going to research and answer. Find the answer and comment with both the question and answer.


Task 3:

Invent your own god!

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Year 6 SRE – Day 1

28/06/2017 at 20:42


Today we started our SRE (sex and relationship education) lessons in Year 6.

We split into gender groups – the girls with Mrs Heap & Mrs Carney and the boys with Mr Cooke & Mr Tiffany. Most of today’s learning objectives were a review of content already learned in Year 5.

We started with a discussion about the changes that happen throughout our lives. This included physical changes, responsibilities, independence, abilities and relationships. It soon became clear that everyone moves through these changes at different times when they are ready. We linked this to the changes of puberty – everyone goes through it at different times and that is ok.

We then moved on to a review of the changes that happen to both girls and boys before focusing on menstruation and other changes for girls. We watched the video “Girl Talk” and had lots of time for questions and discussion.

We’ve asked the girls to think about how they can be prepared for when their periods start (if they haven’t already) so they may ask for a small supply of sanitary pads to keep in their bedroom or school bag.

The children were all very sensible and mature. They worked together well, taking on board each other’s ideas, and respected what everyone had to say. All in all, it was a very successful session and we’re looking forward to next week when we’ll get together again to talk about changes specific to boys and begin to learn about how babies are made.



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Year 6 Leavers’ Show 2017

24/06/2017 at 13:31


The children have started work on the eagerly anticipated leavers’ show this week. Parts have been handed out and rehearsals have begun. The main job now is to learn their scene(s) by heart including who speaks before and after them.


We have asked the children to think about costumes and props but will confirm this soon.


The show is on Wednesday 19th July at 7PM with children asked to arrive at 6:30PM.

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