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Important End of Year Dates

06/07/2019 at 10:19


Important Year 6 Dates July 2019

Leavers’ Party & Disco

The Year 6 Leavers’ Party & Disco will take place on Monday 8th July. Before the disco, all Year 6 children are invited to gather in 6S for a “bring and share” party tea. The children will eat together and have an opportunity to go out on to the playground before the disco starts. Children should arrive at 6:15 pm with their food contribution. The children have each been allocated a food item to bring in for the party. They should come up the farm track and enter the school through the 6S fire door. Tickets for the disco will be £2.50 (to be paid in advance). Mrs Walton has sent out a separate letter about the disco tickets.


SATs Results

School will receive the Year 6 SATs results on Tuesday 9th July. We then need to spend a few days checking them. On Friday 12th July, we will be speaking to children individually to share their results with them. The results will also be sent home to parents/carers that day. |We found this worked well last year – the children had a greater understanding of their SATs results and what they meant for them as well as how the results compared to the level at which they had been working throughout the school year. However, if you have any concerns about this please do not hesitate to contact us beforehand at school. Please also note that if you would like to come into school at the end of the day on Friday 12th July to chat about results, Mr. Sharp and Mrs. Heap will be in their classrooms until about 4:00.


Leavers’ Show

The Year 6 Leavers’ Show will take place on Wednesday 17th July. Children should arrive at 6:30pm for a 7:00 start and go to their classrooms. Parents/carers may take their seats once they drop of their children. Children should arrive in their school uniform – we will speak to children who need a different costume.

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The warm weather has arrived!

28/06/2019 at 15:35


Year 6 has had another busy week of Leavers’ activities. Everyone is working hard.

Homework this weekend:

  1. Enjoy the nice weather!
  2. Think about your Leavers’ Show song. Watch dance videos on the computer and think about moves that will fit your song. We will be planning the dances next week!
  3. Start to plan your costume for the show.

Props: We need a big appliance box. If you have one, please let us know.

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Writing and Birds

14/06/2019 at 15:49


A very wet week at Farfield but that hasn’t stopped us being outside – oh no!

Please can all children be revising their Year 3 and 4 AND Year 5 and 6 spellings. We shall do our very final spelling assessments at the start of next week.

In writing this week, children have been challenged to use a range of sentence starters: sub-ordinating conjunctions, adverbs, similes, -ed and -ing words. Children combined these with a mixture of dialogue, narrative and action to create stories. Next week, children will complete final pieces of writing and do final editing of writing.

In PSHE, we had a very sensible conversation about why we get angry, what makes us angry and what we can do if we do become angry. In Science, we were led by a member of the RSPB. We went round the school grounds observing birds and looking for invertebrates. All the adult members of staff commented on the distinct lack of invertebrates. When I was younger, I remember fearing lifting up a brick or log because of the (what-seemed-like) billions of earwigs and centipedes and worms that would be waiting for me. It was notable when one child shouted with glee, “Mr Sharp! I’ve found an earwig!” As a class, we have wondered what more we could do to encourage our invertebrate populations to thrive further at Farsley Farfield. In Music, we started to learn some songs for the Leaver’s Show – exciting!

Have a restful weekend. I hope it’s dry after a very, very damp week!

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6S Writing and Maps

07/06/2019 at 15:28


We’re back from residential and I have been really impressed with how well the children have worked since coming back.

I have been very impressed with the application and work of the children today. We have been doing some recount writing based on the experiences had on residential. Children were challenged to use a range of sentence types and Year 6-level punctuation. Some of their entries can be found below.

What an incredible residential! Everything we did was amazing and fun. However, my favourite activity had to be Via Ferrata. The combination of excitement and nerves made for an awesome adventure!

For Via Ferrata, we needed various equipment: carabiners (safety clips), a harness, a helmet, a pair of sturdy trainers and waterproofs. Before you did the actual climbing, you had to complete a practice course, which wasn’t very interesting. I felt really excited, albeit nervous. I also got a little bored waiting for everyone else to hurry up and finish!

Because we reached the extra part, my group was really lucky. No other groups were allowed! I went first and completed the whole course! When I was halfway across one section, I looked down and saw the gorge spread out below. It was exhilarating! The high-up, steel wire above the gorge which wobbled every time I moved was the only thing my feet had to hold onto! It was terrifyingly amazing.

Earlier on during the Via Ferrata, Mrs Elam screamed really loudly in Husna’s ear – Husna couldn’t hear anything for the rest of the scramble! It was really funny and made everyone laugh!

To finish the activity, I had to run and jump off a ledge, then pull myself along a wire. It was so scary but so fun! When I came down, we took lots of photos, which I didn’t appreciate! I was really proud of myself for finishing and going first!

Overall, I found residential amazingly fun and exciting (and cold!).  My advice to future Year 6s would be close the tent and don’t wear wet shoes into the tent! It generally doesn’t end well!


What a fantastic residential that was! My favourite activity would have to be abseiling – it was so thrilling.

We needed lots of safety equipment: a harness, durable ropes, carabiner clips and a helmet. To be able to lower ourselves down, we had to sit back in our harness and swing ourselves off the edge of the bridge. This was the only part I found scary; it was so high up!  The fast-flowing gorge below the bridge which had lots of slippery rocks was very cold to land in. Although the exhilarating journey down was over in about 10 seconds, I still had an amazing time! I was sitting on the ledge at the bottom of the gorge watching everyone else come down and it was hilarious; Mr Garlick came down sideways and fell over when he landed! As other people had to use the ropes and clips to come down, we all had to stand like a lemon whilst the instructer unclipped us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole residential and every activity we did! My advice to current Year 5s would be to always shut the zip on your tent – everything will get wet otherwise.


We have also done some geographical work based on the Women’s World Cup. Children were challenged to find each of the 24 countries in an atlas and locate them on a blank world map. Each child has randomly chosen a team to follow as well. England’s first game is against Scotland on Sunday at 5pm. COME ON LIONESSES!!!

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6S residential Day 3

05/06/2019 at 23:26


After a good night’s sleep, we had three quick activities in the morning in place of the planned canoeing due to wind speed.

Children spent 30-40 minutes on an orienteering activity and then spent a similar amount of time working together on a climb and a short bit of caving. The caving included a very tight crawl that was too much for some but lots of children managed it. Have a look at the video below to see why some children found it a step too far…

This was a terrific group who really tried hard and were impressively brave and courageous. They were good humoured and excellent company. They can all be proud of their many achievements. They were supportive of each other and any teasing (as seen in the caving video below) was gentle and affectionate.

We hope that the children bought all their belongings home: we had a few soggy girls’ socks that no-one claimed that got disposed of. We did bring back what looked like brand new, unworn H&M swimming shorts and gloves that none of the boys claimed to know anything about…  We hope you have found their bags of soggy, dirty clothes and that they weren’t too smelly!

A quick bit of climbing

A very small cave right next to our camp (poor Ryan: at least he was brave enough to do it!)


Many thanks to Mr Garlick, Mrs Barraclough and Mrs Elam for coming along and supporting the children so well.


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6S residential day 2 2019

04/06/2019 at 19:31


It is pouring down as I write this blog (about 6-7pm) but the weather has been ok most of the day. We didn’t go canoeing which meant two groups doubled up which slowed things down a little but overall it has been another terrific day.

The children generally slept well and 3 of the 4 tents were quiet by midnight. The same dubious tent was awake again shortly after 5… Most children, however, seemed to have a good night’s sleep; the boys were excellent. Not a bad group at all.

All the children have done via ferrata (traversing along a cable) today  in the gorge and caving at Manchester Hole a couple of miles from How Stean. They have all done very well! Lots of children have overcome fears. Sadly, only one group got the chance to do the most challenging parts of the via ferrata course.

Food has been excellent and the children are eating well. Everyone seems happy and healthy. The leaders – Libby, Adam and Adam – have been super. This afternoon we had a visit from the Leeds City Council H&S advisor and he came on the via ferrata course with us; he is a big supporter of our school’s Outdoor and Adventurous Activities curriculum.

Via Ferrata


This evening the children are making fire with Adam and Libby (under a canopy), watching a bit of a film and later we are having a bit of a party to mark Eid with our Muslim children.

Tomorrow we may have a walk rather than canoeing as the wind is forecast to be quite high around here (but dry). We will be back in Leeds mid afternoon and we will see you at the usual home time.

Again, sorry if your child isn’t in the photos or video: it’s hard to manage – especially in the dark or wet – and we have had two cameras develop faults! The videos are rather rushed!

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