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The Big Budget Project Concludes

20/07/2018 at 16:00


After a hectic hour-and-a-half this morning, the children completed a year of their Big Budget Project.

Children had already been randomly assigned different jobs with an annual salary range from around £15,000 to £29,000. They then were required to calculate lots of annual contributions: national insurance, pension, student loan, income tax – have I missed anything???

From this, children worked out their annual take-home-pay and then, subsequently, their monthly take-home-pay. Children used the internet to research rental properties, cars, utilities (gas, electric, water), broadband, council tax, TV packages and mobile phone contracts. They were challenged to create a food diary and then budget how much it would cost to buy all the food and drink they would need for a week.

We then simulated a year. Each month though, the children were hit with unexpected financial costs: domestic-product repairs, automobile breakdowns and the such-like. Many children were successful throughout the year and managed to save quite a bit of money. They had no dependants after all! Some children became entwined in debt and at the end of the ‘year’, reflected on where they could save money: cheaper cars, sharing houses, less-expensive food shops, maybe I shouldn’t get that dog after all…

I have been really impressed with the maturity and kindness of children. Lots of the class wanted to donate (not even lend!) money to other children! I hope they remember some of these budgeting skills as they get older. I am sure they will get more opportunities to develop their financial and budgeting skills in high school.

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Costumes and props!

13/07/2018 at 16:10


Year 6 have had another great week. The highlight was definitely the trip to York to see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” What a fantastic opportunity for our Year 6 children!


The Leavers’ Show is coming together for next week. All children need to make sure they are clear about what they need to wear for a costume and have it in school on Monday please. Many children are wearing school uniform as their costume but they need to think about what style will work best – skirts are not always great for dancing or sitting! We would like to have a full run-through with costumes on Monday morning.


We are still in need of a few props:

  • brightly coloured lunchbox
  • “Hulk” mask, toy or hands
  • Farfield book bags (2)
  • coins (1p and 2p)
  • cloth napkins (8)
  • small vases (4)
  • plastic wine glasses (8)
  • Burger King cardboard crowns (2)
  • KFC buckets (clean) (2)
  • chef or cook hats / whites / uniform

We hope you have a great weekend!

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A Trip to the Theatre and Sports Day

13/07/2018 at 15:41


Another week done and suddenly, there’s only one more full week left at Farsley Farfield Primary School for our Year 6 children – what a year they have had!

The week started with Leavers’ Show rehearsals which continue to go positively. I obviously won’t reveal any more at this point! Children still need to bring/make props and costumes that they may need for the performance.

On Tuesday, we had a fantastic day at the Shakespeare Rose Theatre. Children travelled well via either minibus or train before enjoying a stupendous performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The acting, movement and performance throughout were superb; I was left beaming and know that many children felt the same. More information about the theatre – a pop-up version of a 16th century London playhouse – can be found at www.shakespearerosetheatre.com. Many thanks to our parent volunteers. Without them, the trip would not have been able to have gone ahead.

On Wednesday, the children competed in their last Sports Day at Farfield. Sports Day has evolved somewhat over the years and it was a delight to see children competing and challenging themselves in the long-run and duathlon events. In the morning, some Year 6s were given the extra responsibility of leading sport activities for the other classes in Key Stage 2 to enjoy: penalty goals, welly-wanging, obstacle course, hockey skills, skipping and hooping, tug-of-war and rounders were all led impeccably by a group of Year 6 children – all staff commented on how encouraging they were throughout the morning. It is a credit to our Year 6 children as to how many of them wanted to be sports leaders. I hope they continue their sporting activities as they move on to high school.

Today, children have been told their Key Stage 2 SATs results. We hope that after a conversation with the class teacher that the children understand how well they have achieved and how proud they should be of their efforts. These results do not and never will define how wonderful your child is.They simply test how much progress they have made in maths, reading, grammar and spelling over the course of their time at primary school. I know that all of our children will go on to be successful members of their high schools: this is not because of SATs results but because of their perseverance, determination, resilience and positive nature.

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Ancient Rome

13/07/2018 at 12:46


Follow this link to BBC Bitesize. Here, you can find lots of information about the Roman Empire.

Use some of this information to create a poster about something you find interesting to do with the Romans: Emperors, gladiators, Roman gods, life in the Roman army – it could be anything you want!



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Are we practicing? Nope. We’re practising! Amongst other things of course…

22/06/2018 at 16:29



Find a photograph from around the time you started school. Email this photograph to chris.sharp@farsleyfarfield.org.uk or bring in the original copy to be scanned – originals will be returned.

Learn the lines to the Leavers’ Show.

Begin to think of OR continue to practise dances for the Leavers’ Show.

As you can probably tell, rehearsals for the End of Year 6 Performance are in full swing and – with the disclaimer that I’ve never put on a performance like this with a class or year group – I must say, things are going very well! I shan’t reveal too much more but you are in for a treat!

In maths, children have continued with The Big Budget Project. This week, children have considered which items they would like to buy as one-off purchases before working out how long they would need to save up for. Some children have been able to buy all they want to with their first pay-packet – some very good budgeting indeed! We have also considered some unexpected financial events such as a boiler breakdown, mechanical problem or birthday surprise! Next week, the children will go through a full year on their budget before considering what aspects they would change (do you really want to spend that much on your pet gecko?).

In literacy, children have been completing various pieces of writing: residential recounts, Yearbook messages, story-writing. The children have been ensuring that their writing is coherent, entertaining and contains all the features of writing expected of a child at the end of Year 6.

In history, we have looked at what Britain was like before the pesky Romans turned up, otherwise known as the Iron Age. Children were amazed at the skill in building hill forts and slightly disgusted at the primitive toilets. Some videos below will teach you even more!


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The Big Budget Project and more!

15/06/2018 at 15:37



Learn lines for the production. By the end of next week, we would like all children to know all of their lines.

We would also like each child to send in a photograph from their first few weeks at Farsley Farfield Primary School. This can be done either via email or the original photo could be brought in to be scanned by school and then returned.

Thank you.

Another week in Year 6 has finished but what could they possibly be upto?

In maths, the children have completed another week of The Big Budget Project. So far, the children have randomly chosen a job and worked out their income tax, national insurance contributions and pension contribution. From this, the children worked out their monthly take-home pay. With their monthly take-home pay, the children are in the midst of budgeting for rent, food, water, gas, electric, internet, phone, TV (including TV license, of course), council tax, home insurance, car, fuel, car insurance – the list is seemingly endless!

Once children have budgeted for all this, they will start thinking about one-off purchases: the latest games console,  holidays, trips out, sports tickets. The children will also be given scenarios: birthdays, Christmas, a broken-down car (potentially likely with the amount of black Minis that were chosen that had done over 130,000 miles…) and the such like. There could even be a boiler breakdown – perhaps the plumber in the class could fix it!

In history, the children have begun a study into the Roman period. The children were given artefacts and asked what they were, what use they might have and who might own them. Over the coming weeks, the children will learn more about Roman life and the impact it has had on life today.

In literacy, the children have written a first draft of a story. It has been lovely to read them; it feels like a long time since we last did story-writing in Year 6 (February, I believe) and the children have really wowed me with their imagination and creativity. Today (and continuing next week), the children will ensure they have included all the technical aspects required in Year 6 into their writing: parenthesis, colons, semi-colons, hyphens, dashes…



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