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6T residential Day 3

10/06/2017 at 08:52


The children slept very well again: all quiet shortly after 11pm and not up early.

Mr Harris’ group went caving. Once we got going, the children did well scrambling along the river as it made its way through the cave. Some of the children showed good recall of their Y5 learning about rocks and caves; some sadly didn’t so it was useful to go over it again. It was a much bigger cave than the caves we went into in Y5 and the scene was more spectacular. We didn’t quite get to the tighter bits this time although some other groups did.

Mrs Carney’s group reportedly did very well with the canoeing, despite the wind getting up a bit. The instructor, Greg, was very complimentary about Mrs Carney’s canoeing skills leading her boat.

Mr Tiffany’s group excelled on the via ferrata course and completed the whole thing: a brilliant end to the activities!

This was a great group to go on residential with and I hope that they had an enjoyable and memorable trip. They can be proud of their efforts: overcoming fears and showing great determination. This residential was an excellent progression from the Y5 residential in terms of Outdoor and Adventurous Education progression. Some of these children may return to How Stean Gorge when they are at high school, but this is such a great place that there is plenty more to do and harder challenges to face.

Many thanks to Mr Tiffany and Mrs Carney who led the residential and gave up their whole week up there – they did a great job! Also, many thanks to the fantastic instructors at How Stean Gorge who looked after us so well.

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More from Day 2

08/06/2017 at 16:54


A much sunnier and less rainy afternoon (until 4.30 anyway) and the via ferrata from this morning was massively outdone by a phenomenal group! Almost all of the group got to a second part of the course that was much higher!  Led by some awesome girls – Eesha, Emily, Phoebe, Hana and Hannah – they traversed the gorge at great altitude with bravery and confidence. It was a real ‘Wow’ scene.


Mr Harris’ luck ran out and his trip to the reservoir was quite literally blown off course. Shortly after setting off  onto the reservoir, a weather front blew in aggressively and all we could do was paddle/’sail’ 500m across and we had to abandon the canoes and return. We did get to go through a cave on our return to base, then we watched the awesome via ferrata group with a mixture of admiration, envy or horror depending on how you had felt about the morning session.


Mrs Carney’s group went caving. We haven’t got any photos as it was very dark! Also, one child decided they couldn’t do it so Mrs Carney stayed with them above ground.


An evening walk:

The children of 6T explored the local area during the evening and saw a range of interesting sights… even the off patch of sunshine! It really is a beautiful area that’s worth a look!


Some comments from the children:

Cole – I really enjoyed caving because I had to slip through tight spaces and jump down small holes.


Ayaan – I really enjoyed the via ferrata because I could just lean and put my full body on the wire without falling off.


Daisy –  I found the Canoeing very enjoyable because I was quite good at it and could go fast. But my favourite activity was Gorge Walking because I kept falling on my back and floating all around.


Navroop – I really liked Tom Taylor’s cave because there was a miniature slide.

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6T residential day 2: morning

08/06/2017 at 13:19


Wet, wet, wet this morning.  Thankfully we have some great kit.

The children were all asleep shortly after eleven (better than 6CH!). They did all awake at about 6am which was a bit early but not bad.

After a good breakfast, we started our first activity: canoeing, caving or via ferrata.

Via ferrata is traversing with two carabiners and a wire to follow. After a loop or two of a practice section, we had to cross a narrow bar bridge – a step too far for a couple. After that, we had to find our way from section to section, carefully clipping ourself on and off: always keeping at least one carabiner clipped on. Photos from Mr Harris’ group again as he is the only staff member awesome enough – to take photos and climb at the same time (bound to come a ‘cropper’ soon).

Mr Tiffany, who is much more sensible tee hee hee, got Tom the instructor to do some photography whilst we were canoeing. We had a relatively calm trip over and around the reservoir including some stone skimming championships – Cole and Daisy were particularly successful.

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6T residential Day 1

07/06/2017 at 19:25


We have had a superb day!

We made good time driving to Pateley Bridge for our initial visit to Coldstone Cut. We decided to ‘go for it’ and try to push Ali up. He worked hard and, assisted by some friends (and some pushing by staff), he made it to the top! The views were stunning (as was the public art that acts as the viewing platform). It was hilariously windy!


We had lunch with 6CH and moved in to our tents. At 1.30 we began getting ready for our first activity: abseiling and gorge walking.

Once we were all kitted up we went to the bridge, high above the gorge, from which we were abseiling. Some were very nervous but we ALL did it, including Ali, and we supported each other and got very positive comments from members of the public watching on.


From Mr Tiffany’s group:

Once we had all got down successfully, we had a superb couple of hours scrambling around in the river. At this point, all the photos are from Mr Harris’ group as he was the only one that was daft enough to take a camera down (who, apart from the School Business Manager, was going to tell him off if it had got broken?).  The children had a fantastic time and it was probably more challenging than we expected. It was very slippery and we certainly needed to help each other. There was a lot of laughter and excitement.

As I write this, the children are roasting marshmallows on a fire (having had some mealworms and crickets to eat as an ‘amuse bouche’). What a day…


Some comments from the children:

Daisy – I found the Canoeing very enjoyable because I was quite good at it and could go fast. But my favourite activity was Gorge Walking because I kept falling on my back and floating all around.


Sally – I really enjoyed the abseiling because I had to lower myself down; it was so fun.


Ali – I was really scared but at the end I was super. I was really brave and enjoyed it when I got down with my friends.

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How Stean Gorge Residential

27/05/2017 at 14:49


It’s just over a week until our exciting residential to How Stean Gorge! We’ve discussed lots of worries and difficulties but if you have anymore, please post them here and I’ll try and answer them.


Remember, there is a page with lots of information on at the top of this page.


Have a good half-term.

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Artifact Handling – What’s in our presents?

25/05/2017 at 17:12


This morning, the children of 6T arrived to find some presents on their table. But what was inside?


The class used their source analysis and enquiry skills to find out by feeling the objects carefully and thoughtfully. They described the size, shape, material etc and speculated about what the item was used for.


Then, they attempted to draw the object without being able to see it. Finally, the big reveal! What each item was and how to use it… some were definitely easier than others.


Photos to follow from a fun lesson.

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