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What an Achievement!

18/05/2018 at 14:28


Our Year 6 children have worked incredibly hard this week. They have tackled every SAT paper with enthusiasm and determination. We are so proud of them all!


In Writing, we have been helping Mr Harris with the welcome statement on the school website. We have been thinking carefully about what makes our school great and the definition of a Farfield child. We will be able to share this writing with you next week.


Today we enjoyed a Year 6 treat day as a reward for our hard work on SATs. After a writing lesson in the morning, each child chose a movie and enjoyed “Wonder” or “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” with some snacks – thank you to the families for providing them! In the afternoon, we had a lovely time on our fantastic school grounds. The children enjoyed bikes, scooters, football and many other activities.


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Algebra and Money

15/05/2018 at 12:26


Follow the link below to questions about algebra and money.

Work out the answers and answer on squared paper.

Do two, mark two.

Finished? Individual mathletics.

Algebra and Money

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Arithmetic Hunt

15/05/2018 at 12:25


Use the attached document to complete and check your answers to the arithmetic hunt.

Got a question wrong? Have another go at it on squared paper.


Arithmetic Questions

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This Week and Next

11/05/2018 at 12:20


The children in 6S have worked fantastically hard this week – I have been very impressed!

In maths, the children have done work on circles (see an earlier blog post), charts and graphs, multiplication, area and volume. They have practised arithmetic skills in class and we will continue to do so in the early part of next week. Some links to previous SATs paper questions can be found on the blog if you would like to see the kind of questions which may be in next week’s SATs papers.

In literacy, children have been writing extracts from their wizarding school stories: they have taken readers on journeys via hot-air balloon rides, trains and underground flues to a wizarding school, using description and narrative to engage the reader fully. I have been impressed by the children’s diligence to write creatively as well as focus on set writing targets.

6S have also continued with the wider curriculum at school: children have been working with clay in art, using copy and paste effectively in coding to create colourful, geometric patterns as well as working hard on the farm. In science, children have begun experimenting with light – I look forward to seeing the results of these before the end of half-term.

I hope that the children feel like they have worked hard this week but that they are also feeling relaxed about next week.

There is no set homework this weekend: carry on looking at spellings, reading pages of the coloured revision books and practising pages in the white work books.

Remember: you / your children are awesome.

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Year 6 SATs Week

11/05/2018 at 11:55


Year 6 SATs take place Monday 14th May to Thursday 17th May


Each day, children should bring a water bottle and some fruit for mid-morning snack. It is very important that the children are well-rested, have eaten a nutritious breakfast and are on time for school. If they are ill or will be late, please ring the school as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements for their tests.



Year Six After SATs Treats


We will have completed all of our tests in time for Singing Assembly on Thursday morning (10:00).


Thursday morning session 2: In our own classes for a Writing lesson


Thursday afternoon: PPA as normal


Friday morning: Writing followed by a Movie


We will spend the part of Friday morning enjoying a movie together. Children may bring a cushion and a teddy. We will be sharing a snack during the film. If possible, please bring the item highlighted below. Please only send enough to be shared between 4 children.


popcorn                      small cakes/biscuits                 individual juice cartons (nothing fizzy)


The movie choices will be:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone



Both films are rated PG. If you have any concerns, please let us know.


Friday afternoon: Outdoor Afternoon

The Year 6 children may bring outdoor toys such as scooters, bikes, balls, roller blades, skipping ropes, hula hoops etc. We will spend the afternoon out on the school grounds (weather permitting). There will also be an opportunity to do puzzles, draw or read under a tree for those who prefer some quiet.  Toys such as scooters, roller blades and bikes require a helmet and other appropriate safety equipment.


Remember: Friday is a red, white & blue non-uniform day in honour of the royal wedding.


Thank you,


The Year 6 Team

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Message for Year 6

11/05/2018 at 11:54


Dear Year 6,

Next week, you will take your SATs tests for Grammar, Spelling, Reading and Maths. We know how hard you have worked but there is something very important that you must know.

The SATs tests do not assess all of what makes each of you special and unique. The people who create and score these tests do not know you the way we do and certainly not in the way your families know you.

They do not know how some of you love to draw and are incredibly artistic. They have not seen your amazing talents for dancing, gymnastics and singing. They do not know that you are brilliant at science and computer games or that you have a love of history and finding out about people of the past. They do not know the fantastic talents some of you have in all of your different sports. They do not know that you are funny and unique. They do not know that you are kind, trustworthy and thoughtful and that every day you try to be your very best.

The scores you get on these tests will tell you something but they will not tell you everything. You will have been successful because you have worked hard to prepare and you have tried your best. We are so proud of every one of you already. There is no “test” to see how amazing you are – we already know it.

This weekend, make sure your rest, relax, be positive and have some fun. We know you are going to shine!

Good luck,

Mrs Heap, Mrs Hoyle, Mr Sharp, Mrs Carney, Mrs Harding & Mrs DuPreez


Your Year 6 Team

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