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Mr Harris Maths 9th Jan 2015 Ratio and Probability


Welcome back to the new school term.

This week, we have spent three days looking at ratio, proportion and scale.  Some of the ideas covered are below:
[gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/01/Ratio-and-Proportion-1.pdf”]

If you are following a recipe with your child, you could ask them questions like:

“This recipe is for 4 people. If we need 240g of flour for 4 people, how much would we need for 6 people? 7 people?”

The children have some SATs questions for homework.
[gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/01/Ratio-homework-out-of-19-inc-answers.pdf”]

On Friday, we introduced a new area: probability. We have explored the language of probability – certain, likely, unlikely etc – and have begun to represent probability as a fraction, percentage or decimal. We have begun to explore number spinners and probability and have drawn a probability number line.

Probability line

Next week we will spend two more lessons on probability and then move on to perimeter, area and volume.

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