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Mr Harris’ maths 6th March 2015


We only had three lessons this week due to World Book Day and Mrs Lambert took my lesson on Tuesday.

This week we have been:

  • briefly looking at prime and square numbers
  • practising mental methods to calculate problems such as 16 x 12 or 19 x 11
  • working out intervals on numberlines/axes
  • working on more complex, two stage word problems including long multiplication

Can your child do all these things?

A number of children struggled on the word problems, at least partially due to insecurity with formal multiplication, especially long multiplication e.g. 82 x 25. This clearly needs further work with a number of children. We will look again at this next week.

Last week’s homework on reasoning about triangles was, if I am honest, a little disappointing overall. The children really needed to apply their knowledge of different types of triangles and the fact that the sum of angles in a triangle always add up to 180 degrees. They all seem to know the different triangles in terms of length of the sides, but were less secure at applying their knowledge of the angles. We have gone through this, using Beth’s as a model (below), and the children should understand how their work could have been improved. They have a chance to show how their reasoning skills are improving  in this week’s homework (below) which are real SATs questions from levels 4-6, all relating to triangles.

2015-03-06 11.02.39 2015-03-05 17.56.24 2015-03-06 11.02.27

Parents: Please complete the comments on the top and have a look through the children’s work. Please try to check your child’s homework before submission – I don’t think you would have allowed some of them to be submitted had you looked at them beforehand last week.

Next week, we begin a formal revision programme prior to the SATs.

[gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/03/Triangles-4-6.pdf”]



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