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Mr Harris’ maths 31st January 2015


This week the children worked on algebra and also some written, two part problems. We have also looked at some areas that the children felt less confident about such as adding fractions.  The algebra went as far as level 6 and some children, such as Ella, really shone with this.

The children should all be able to identify the value of x in this example:  2x + 4 = 10

They should also be able to calculate the value of this algebraic expression when y = 7:   3y+4

Some children went further as in the example below:

2015-01-28 17.38.04


The children generally did very well with their perimeter, area and volume homework last week. Thank you with your support with this. This week, most have brought home an old textbook (used on the no technology day) and some assigned units of work to complete based on their own assessment of areas that they need practice with.  They should work for up to 30 mins and see how far they get. There is no need to complete all the assigned work if it is going to take too long. Corin just has some questions written into her book. If they would like to do Mathletics, there is some assigned work on algebra but some of it is hard!!

Next week, the children will take an old Y6 SATs paper as a mid-year assessment. Some children were anxious that they can’t do long division (there is a question needing that skill on Paper A) so we spent some time doing a few examples on a whiteboard on Friday. I have made a couple of videos below to go through this again if they would like to have a go at some. I have also added a Khan Academy video which is very useful but his references to levels do not apply to UK:

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