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Mr Harris’ maths 27th March 2015


The children have been working really hard again this week. Most of the time has been spent on a full practice SAT from 2010. The children continue to progress: with two children still to complete the test, we have average mark progress of 22.5 since a similar test in October, national curriculum progress of 4.8 points since Y5 (usually 3-4 for a whole year) and all the children attaining 4A or better (with 7 now having attained 5C)*. There is still improvement for all of them to be made, but the intensity of the lessons and the children’s hard work is paying off. The children that just missed level 5 in this set of tests did so by an average of less than 4 marks – and two of them missed by just one!  Let’s keep the intensity going to the SATs (and do some more creative maths afterwards).

We are now a little behind in our revision programme, but this homework will help us to catch up again:

[gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/03/Factors-Prime-multiples-square-numbers-and-some-percent.pdf”]

Many thanks for your support.

Mr Harris

* A couple of questions in the test had been seen before in class or homework, and I did make a few ‘look again’ type suggestions this week which I won’t be able to do in the real SAT, but the progress is still very clear.




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