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Mr Harris’ maths 27/2/2015


This week, we:

  • finished off some work on 3D shapes and nets
  • worked on decimals
  • calculated sale prices after % discounts
  • worked on speeding up mental and formal calculations

The children have continued to work hard and positively. I was generally pleased with the effort with the Line Graphs homework – it was all level 5 and some children did particularly well. JS got all but one correct, whilst not only did BF get 100%, she also annotated the graph axes and graphs themselves exactly as I had asked them. I was able to use her whole paper as an exemplar to others.

This week’s homework is to be completed neatly in their books. They have a number of statements about triangles and they have to answer them using text and examples (drawn or calculated) to support their Yes/No answer. A Yes/No answer on its own is not acceptable. For number 1, for example, the answer “No, because an equilateral triangle has three equal angles of 60 degrees, whereas a right angle triangle has a 90 degree angle and two others with a sum of 90 degrees” would be the sort of standard I would expect.  Whenever the children are asked to justify an answer, they must demonstrate some maths knowledge in their text.

I have also given the children a brown CGP text book to keep between now and their SATs in May. This should come back to school every day as we will use it as part of our revision programme. The page on triangles (Pg55?) might help with the homework.  As always, I appreciate any parent comment on the homework.

Best wishes,

Mr Harris


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