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Mr Harris’ maths 24th April 2015


First of all, thank you for the fantastic homework over the holidays. THe children scored very highly on the SATs paper and, although I appreciate that they may have had a little help or a bit more time, it does bode well for the SATs. Ruby and Easher almost got full marks. Many thanks for your support with this throughout the year.

This week we have continued our revision programme. We have covered symmetry, rotation, translation (moving), coordinates, long multiplication and long division. I have tried to give the children some practical activities as preparation for SATs can be a bit ‘dry’.


Homework is a collection of questions about symmetry and rotation of shapes. They have been given some tracing paper to help. They have seen the video above but it might help if they can’t remember how to reflect or rotate.

Symmetry, reflection, rotation and translation levels 4-5

Have a good weekend.

Mr Harris

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