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Mr Harris maths 23rd January


The children have only had three lessons of maths this week due to the training day and 6W’s trip to the art gallery.

Nevertheless, they have worked hard and completed some good work on perimeter, area and volume. They should know:

  • Perimeter of a rectangle = l+b+l+b or 2(l+b)
  • Area of a rectangle = l x b
  • Area of a triangle = l x b/2
  • Volume of a rectangular prism = l x b x h
  • Volume of any prism: area of base x height
  • How to calculate the area of a composite shape


Thank you for the fantastic homework last week around probability. Beth and Corin did particularly well and deserve a ‘special mention’. They worked methodically and included plenty of maths.

The children have brought home an assessment around perimeter, area and volume. It ranges from level 4 (the minimum I expect from these children, and the current national expectation) to level 5 (what I aspire to for these children) and on to level 6 (beyond expectation, but we have covered the content).  The final 3  level 6 questions are optional. The assessment should take approximately 20mins.  Although I haven’t left a space for it, I would appreciate a parental comment, including how much assistance they may have required. Alternatively, add a comment to this blog. I had hoped to do this assessment in class but we ran out of time.

Have a great weekend.

Many thanks,

Mr Harris

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