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Mr Harris’ maths 16th January 2015 Probability


First of all, I would like to say that almost everyone did very, very well with their Ratio homework last week. Those were almost all level 5 questions, and if the children were getting most of them correct, then that bodes well for the future. Thank you for your support with it.

This week the children have largely been working on probability. The most important thing is for the children to associate probability with fractions and to be able to express the likelihood of an event in terms of the fraction of the total possible outcomes.  On a dice, for example, there is a 1/6 chance of getting a 3 and a 5/6 chance of getting a number greater than 1. The children carried out a number of probability investigations and also created their own theoretical spinners.

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Homework is to carry out their own probability investigation, record the data and draw conclusions. Ideally, they would try to mathematically calculate probability prior to the investigation and then compare their ‘real life’ results to the theoretical likelihood.  If needs be, their investigation can be similar to one already carried out but with a change.  This will be ‘written up’ in their books. Books must be back in school on Tuesday please.

The children did a Probability assessment that I shall be marking and evaluating this weekend. Here are the questions, so that you know what sort of language and challenges there are in this area of maths. They get harder… Only Hussain got Q8b correct (but that may be level 6).

[gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/01/Probability-3-6.pdf”]

Today we started another small unit of work on perimeter, area and volume that we will carry on with on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. We will also do some ‘missing number’ work and basic algebra.

Mrs Lambert is now working with some of our children on improving times tables recall. She will be in touch separately.  In the first week of February, we will complete a full ‘mock SAT’ and the result will help us plan our next half term, inform mid-year reports and form the basis of our parents’ evening chat in March.

As ever, drop me an email, leave a blog comment or leave a message on the homework to let me know how your child is getting on.

Best wishes,

Mr Harris

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