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Mr Harris’ maths 13/2/15


This week we have been looking at some areas of weakness from the recent practice SAT and then went on to begin some work on 3D shapes.

We started the week practising drawing 2D shapes to given dimensions in terms of length of side and angle. We are improving with this and most children can now do this to the required level of accuracy (to the nearest mm or degree).  This is the sort of error we are stopping:

2015-02-11 16.56.29

We have been practising some tricky conversions such as:

  • How many mm in 0.5cm?
  • How many cm in 0.3m?
  • How many g in 0.35kg?
  • How many ml in 1.2litres?

Can your child get these correct with you now?

We have also been trying to speed up our mental arithmetic of TU x U e.g. 52 x 8  and subtraction such as 1000- 765 where a mental ‘counting on from 765 might be a most effective method.  Could you practise this?

We have been really trying with long division. Most children have met with some success.  We have a healthy attitude to mistakes, so I have included some of those photos too.

2015-02-11 17.19.28 2015-02-12 11.04.24 Photo 13-02-2015 09 47 14

Towards the end of the week, we began to look at 3D shape and we will work with nets after half term. The children enjoyed learning how to draw 3D shapes on squared paper and using a drawing program on the computer.

Photo 13-02-2015 16 23 30 (2)

Homework relates back to some work last week. The children generally struggled on interpreting line graphs. We spent some time addressing this a week ago. The key learning is to annotate the diagrams and draw ruled lines to help you read scales. Children also need to be careful and thoughtful in their interpretation of scale divisions.  The children have half an hour’s homework on this. It is due back on the first Tuesday of next half term. Please don’t let your child hand it in with no annotations, workings or lines drawn on!

[gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/02/L4-and-5-line-graphs.pdf”]

See you in ten days!


Mr Harris

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