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Mr Cooke’s Maths w/e 13.2.15


In maths this week we have been learning about measurement.

The children have had the opportunity to explore length, mass (weight) and capacity using a range of resources. They have learned that:

10mm = 1cm, 100cm = 1m, 1000m = 1km

1000g = 1kg

1000ml = 1litre

…and used these to convert smaller units to larger units and vice versa.

The children have also completed a range of problems involving measurement and their homework is to complete a range of problems involving weight and capacity. Enjoy half term but keep up the maths…

[gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/02/Homework-13th-Feb-Weight-and-Capacity-1.pdf”] [gview file=”http://ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/02/Homework-13th-Feb-Weight-and-Capacity-2.pdf”]


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