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Mr Cooke Maths w/e 16th January – fraction action


This week in maths we have continued working on fractions. We spent time consolidating the children’s understanding of how to find fractions of quantities. Please watch the video below to see how I have been teaching this skill:

We have also started to look at equivalent fractions using a ‘fraction wall’. The children found it very difficult to understand how a fraction wall worked so we built a fraction wall step by step on the interactive whiteboard to support this learning. Please ask your children to explain to you how the fraction wall below can be used to find equivalent fractions:

Fraction Wall Image

We will be spending a final week on fractions next week. We will be looking at representing fractions on a number line, ordering and comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and converting fractions to decimals. I have set Mathletics and Education City work to support this. Please also have a look at this video below which explains how to plot fractions on to a number line:

Plotting basic fractions on the number line:

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