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Mr Cooke Maths 19th June 2015


In maths this week we have been learning about probability.

The children have been using the language of probability:

  • words such as certain, impossible, likely, unlikely, even chance,      no chance, half chance
  • phrases such as 1 in 4 chance, 1 out of 6
  • fractions such as 1/2 (half chance), 1/6 (1 out of 6 chance)
  • percentages such as 50% chance

The children have also been looking at different spinners and have been answering questions about them.  On Thursday we played a game of ‘rock, paper and scissors’ and discussed the probability of winning, drawing and losing this game as well as the possible outcomes. The children recorded their findings.

Next week we will continue some work on probability by collecting data from a dice rolling activity and then presenting it in a chart and graph.

This week’s homework has been set and is below:

Homework 18th June Probability 1

Homework 18th June Probability 2

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