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Measures – Time


The following clips and videos will help with your understanding of the different ways that we measure things.

Here are a few key facts that you need to know.

60 seconds = 1 minute

60 minures = 1 hour

24 hours = 1 day

7 days = 1 week

A fortnight = 2 weeks

1 month is approximately 4 weeks

12 months = 1 year

365 days – 1 year

Have a look at these videos which will help you develop and consolidate your knowledge of time.

This time video from Maths Mansion provides you with information about the 24hr clock. It also shows you how to measure lengths of time and solve time problems by splitting up the minutes and hours.

This time video from the BBC helps you to understand adding and subtracting time.

Here are the Chuckle Brothers reminding you how to tell the time using an analogue clock and calculate lengths of time.


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