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This week in maths – WB 20.3.17

Friday 24th March | 5 comments

This week, we have been improving our understanding of algebra involving equations and sequences. The children have used a combination of working backwards and the bar model to solve increasingly complex equations e.g. 4y + 17 = 45 so y = ???


They also learned about using algebra to express a linear sequence and the idea of the nth term – using algebra to calculate the value of any term in the sequence. This was initially tricky but most of the children have grasped that successfully and we will be reinforcing as part of next week.


Next week:

  • Finishing algebra
  • Introducing ration and proportion in a range of contexts



Either a maths arithmetic or reasoning paper to solve – no more than 30 minutes should be spent on this. If you require help from your revision guide or an adult, that’s fine but please indicate on the question.

Link for paper (number 2)

Link for paper (number 2)


It would also be useful to read the section on ration and proportion in your revision books and answer the questions.

5 responses to “This week in maths – WB 20.3.17”

  1. Adara says:

    The answer to what is Y is 7. I know this because I subtracted 45 by 17 and I got the answer 28. I knew 28 is in the 4 times table and the question had 4y + 17. So I divided 28 by 4 and I got the answer 7. And to check it I did 4×7 and I got 28. Then I added 17 and I got the answer 45.

  2. Sukey says:

    I really like algebra because it challenges me.

  3. Ayaan says:

    The ratio and proportion questions were challenging butI like challenging things so I enjoyed doing them.

  4. Megan L says:

    I really enjoyed doing algebraic problem solving.

  5. Harry says:

    I enjoyed algebra.

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