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This week in maths – WB 18.4.17

Saturday 22nd April | 2 comments

This week in maths, we have finished our work on ratio and identifying the differences between that and proportion. The children have become rather adept at spotting where patterns repeat and use that information in a number of contexts.


We also had a bit of fun learning about how proportion can be used by looking at the infinite chocolate problem. How does it work?



Next week, we are going to be looking at statistics and revising all things fraction, decimal and percentage.


Homework is the calculation sheet to revise written multiplication.


2 responses to “This week in maths – WB 18.4.17”

  1. Sukey says:

    I liked trying to figure out how the infinite chocolate bar worked.

  2. Eesha says:

    2 things:

    1. I am happy that we are doing statistics soon because it’s one of my favourite things to study.

    2. The chocolate problem isn’t infinite; it hacks off a tiny bit at the top of the bar!

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