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Leaving a Comment


Our main aim is to entertain our audience. We are also keen to get feedback from you so that we can improve as writers and authors. As we try to expand our readership we would like you to read our work and leave comments.

We are keen to get feedback on different aspects of our writing. Tell us what you like about our work, but also tell us how we can improve. Please think about the following things as you comment on our work.

 Composition and effect -is our writing entertaining? What do you like about the style that we use and the language choices that we make? How could we improve to make our writing more entertaining and engaging for the reader

Structure and organisation – do we make good use of paragraphs, bullet points and other features to make our writing clear and easy to read?

Sentence construction – do our sentences make sense? Do we use a variety of sentences types or is the sentence structure repetitive?

Punctuation – do we use a range of punctuation accurately? eg: question marks and exclamation marks, commas to separate subordinate clauses from main clauses or separate items in a list, semi colons and hyphens  to add detail, brackets to insert extra information etc…

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