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Lots of Reminders

Friday 16th June | 1 comment


1) Wednesday 21st June – Year 6 SRE Parents Meeting 6:00 – 6:45 pm in 6CH

2) First day of school photos – Please send a first day of Reception/Year 1 photo to school by email or the actual photo (these will be returned).

3) James and the Giant Peach – At the end of Year 5, we loaned copies of James and the Giant Peach to a number of children. We are still missing a few copies. Please check your shelves at home to see if you have one. It should say “FFPS” on the first page.

4) Leavers’ Show – Parts have been allocated for the Year 6 Leavers’ Show. Everyone has a speaking part and will join in with the dance for their scene. Some children are feeling a bit nervous about this. We are trying to reassure them that it is natural to feel nervous but they will be fine. By the time the show comes around, they will be so used to playing their part that it will come easily. In previous years, we have had many children who have felt nervous at first and every single one of them has managed fine.

Most children will only need school uniform or PE kit for their costume. We will be working out more detailed costumes over the next few weeks. Please chat with your child about what they will need.

We will begin rehearsing the scenes on Thursday next week. Children should be familiar with their lines by then. We would like them to be memorised as soon as possible please.

5) S Factor – Children who would like to participate in this year’s S Factor competition should have their investigation ready to show on Thursday 22nd June.

6) SATs Revision Guides – Please send back the Literacy and Maths CPG textbooks (not the workbooks the children wrote in) as soon as possible.


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  1. Aleela's great grandfather Putman fought in Ypres in WW1. He survived but never spoke of it. Ever! Aleela wonders what life was like for the soldiers there. says:

    When is the leavers show?

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