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Roman Gods and Goddesses

Wednesday 28th June | 29 comments

This afternoon we’re going to learn about Roman religion and specifically focussing on the gods and goddesses.


Task 1:

Read this and answer the ten question quiz at the bottom.

Read this 2nd if you finish quickly

Write down any questions you have about Roman gods on the board. Check if someone else has put that question on and put a tick next to it to show you also want to ask and answer it.


Task 2:

Select a question that you’re going to research and answer. Find the answer and comment with both the question and answer.


Task 3:

Invent your own god!

29 responses to “Roman Gods and Goddesses”

  1. Ayaan says:

    I really enjoyed that lesson and I especially enjoyed the part where we got to create our own god/goddesss

  2. Eesha says:

    I’m still waiting for the lesson to finish designing our god.

  3. Sukey says:

    I enjoyed learning about this more than what I was expecting to.

  4. Faye says:

    Faye’s question is:
    What religion were
    Christian and Jewish.

    • mrtiffany says:

      Not quite the full picture. The Romans were Pagan to begin with and had gods very closely linked to the Greeks. They converted to Christianity later in their period of history.

  5. khadijah says:

    I enjoyed desigining our own gods and godesses.

  6. Aleela and Ayman says:

    Alice, Alisa and Chloe question
    Who is the youngest God?

    Jupiter is the King of all Gods. He has a child , that is called Mercury; he is the youngest God.

  7. Ben and Ty says:

    There are 12 main gods which are called: Juno,Vesta,Minerva,Ceres,Diana,Venus,Mars,Mercurcius,Jove,Neptunus,Vulcanus and Apollo.

  8. Polly says:

    Sammi and Simran’s question.
    Who was the god of war?

    Mars was the god of war and he was the son of Juno and Jupiter (the main god and goddess).

  9. Lauren and Keanush says:

    Ekam’s question
    How many gods came from Jupiter?

    Jupiter had three children: Mars, Valcan and Juventia.

  10. Sukey and Sally says:

    Emily, Phoebe and Khadijah’s question
    How many gods and goddesses did they have and what were their names?

    Their are lots of gods and goddesses but there are 12 main gods and goddesses, six of each, their names were: Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Vesta, Ceres, Diana, Venus, Mars, Mercurius, Neptunus, Volcanus and Apollo.

  11. Amber and Dhaya says:

    Sammi and Simran
    Who is the king of gods?
    Jupiter is the King of sky gods, storms and all the other Roman gods and goddesses . His wife is called Juno and she is the queen of the gods and goddesses.

  12. Emily, Khadijah and Phoebe says:

    Sukey and Sally’s question:
    Did the Romans have a religion?

    Yes, they did ; it was called Roman mythology. They believed in many different gods.

  13. Chloe, Alisa and Alice says:

    Elliot and Dilhan’s question:
    Who were the Roman’s enemies?

    Hannibal, who posed a real threat to the Roman Empire, is remembered for being one of Rome’s greatest and worthiest enemy. Arminius was once a friend to the Romans became hated after betrayed them in the battle of Teutoburg Forest.

  14. Samr. says:

    Who was the king of gods?

    Zeus was the king of Gods and Juno was the queen of goddesses.

  15. Skye, Ekam and Honey says:

    Amelia’s question,
    Was there a god which was more important than the others?
    Yes, they especially like the Greek gods from mount Olympus such as the god Jupiter.

  16. Joshua S, Liam, Joshua H says:

    Daisy, Grace, Hanna question.
    Why were Roman gods based off of Greek gods?

    Because the Romans especially liked the Greek gods.

  17. Melody says:

    How many gods/goddesses are there? -Sally,Melody

    There are twelve main gods/goddesses but lots of others; there is a god or goddess for everything.


  18. Sukey and Sally says:

    Simran and Sammi’s question
    Who was the God of war?

    The God of war was called Mars.

  19. Megan L and Melody says:

    Darcy’s question
    Was there a goddess of childbirth?
    Yes, she was called, Lucina; she was the goddess of childbirth who safeguarded the lives of women in labour.

  20. Dilhan and Elliot says:

    Emily,Phoebe and Khadijah’s question
    How many gods and goddesses did they have and what were their names?

    The Romans had gods for almost everything they had but they did have twelve main ones: six gods and six goddesses. Their names were: Jupiter,juno,Minerva,vesta, Ceres, Diana,Venus,Mars,mercurous,neptunium,volcano and apollos.

  21. Adara and Leah says:

    Khadijah,Emily and Phoebe’s Question.
    When did they stop believing in those god?
    They started to stop believing in their gods in 313 AD. They followed Christiananity after wards. Christiananity became the official religion 10 years later.

    • Dilhan and Eliot says:

      I really like that question.
      It seems like a rare question.

  22. Amber and Dhaya says:

    Darcy Moles question.
    Was there a God of childbirth?
    Yes, there is a Roman goddess of childbirth, who is called Lucina ; she also safeguards woman in labour.

  23. Darcy, Eesha and Megan H says:

    Sally and Sukey’s question:
    How many [Roman] gods were there specifically?

    There were twelve main Gods. They were called: Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Vesta, Ceres, Venus, Diana, Mars, Apollo, Mercurius, Neptunus and Volcanus. These Gods did different things.

  24. Emily, Khadijah and Phoebe says:

    Gracie, Izzy and Lilianna’s question:
    Who was the most important Roman god?

    The gods that were most important to the Romans were the ones from Mount Olympus, which were Greek.

  25. Sukey and Sally says:

    Alisa, Alice and Chloe’s question
    Why are a lot of gods named after planets?

    They are not, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury are named after the Roman gods and goddesses. They were given the names thousands of years ago because they were the only planets the Romans could see.

  26. Cole,Jay and Nav says:

    Jamie, Dilhan and Elliot

    What type of gods were there?

    There were lots of different gods for example: god of war, god of the ocean etc.

  27. Cole says:

    I’m finding this lesson Interesting!

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