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Roman Enquiry Morning – Secret of the Skeletons

Thursday 18th May | Comments are off for this post

This morning, year 6 have been incredibly frustrated as they tried to work out the mystery of the skeletons found in York. They were introduced to the idea of speculation and the role it plays for historians and archaeologists. They were given evidence in the form of pictures and text to help them create theories that could explain who and what the skeletons were.

The children applied their knowledge of modal verbs and subordinate clauses to explain themselves clearly. Mrs Carney and I challenged the children’s theories to help them deepen their understanding of source analysis and interpretation.

Overall, the children were able to create their theories based on the evidence and began to understand that the need to change them when new evidence came to light – a very tricky task!

What was found in York? We don’t fully know but the most dominant theory is the 80 skeletons were the largest in tact gladiator graveyard.



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