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How Stean Gorge Residential

Saturday 27th May | 11 comments

It’s just over a week until our exciting residential to How Stean Gorge! We’ve discussed lots of worries and difficulties but if you have anymore, please post them here and I’ll try and answer them.


Remember, there is a page with lots of information on at the top of this page.


Have a good half-term.

11 responses to “How Stean Gorge Residential”

  1. Ali says:

    I really liked it but gourge staringing I didn’t like it.

  2. Megan H says:

    I enjoyed the absail and gorge scramble the most. It was hard but mostly just fun and enjoyable.

  3. Jamie says:

    I was upset that I couldn’t come, hoped you all had fun.

  4. jamie says:

    I am a little sad that i can’t go.

    • mrtiffany says:

      I’m sad that you can’t go as well Jamie but we need to make sure that you’re arm heals properly don’t we.

  5. ali says:

    I am scared because Gorge is high and scary and looking forward to lunch and dinner desert.

    • mrtiffany says:

      The gorge is a bit scary but great fun at the same time. You’ll be great.

  6. Sally says:

    I am really excited for residential I am not nervous about anything. Good luck everyone just have fun.

  7. Khadijah says:

    I am both nervous and excited for residential.

    • mrtiffany says:

      That’s perfectly reasonable to feel that way. I think most people will feel the same.

    • Megan L says:

      Yes I agree to as I’m really looking forward!

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