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Our end of year reflections

Tuesday 25th July | 28 comments

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to think about our ‘best bits’ from this crazy academic year!


Think about:

  • what your friends have done for/with you that made you smile or laugh
  • what your teachers have done that has made you smile/laugh or been good
  • any other bits that stand out for you

28 responses to “Our end of year reflections”

  1. Harry says:

    My favourite memory at farfield was when I kept slipping in gorge scrambling and keanush kept helping me up.

  2. Nav says:

    My favourite memory is of Cole when he electrocuted himself on a fence and year six residential in the gorge because the water was cold.

  3. Samr says:

    My favourite memory is on year 5 when Eesha climbed onto my bunk bed and woke me up and I thought she was saying cheese cheese.

  4. Amelia says:

    A funny memory of this year is when we were on residential, and no body liked their fish from there fish and chips. I ended up eating nearly everybody’s battered fish!

  5. Ayaan says:

    My favourite bit of this year was when I was gorge scrambling on residential because I loved the cold water and I also liked the falling in backwards.

  6. Phoebe says:

    My favourite memory was when we did via ferrata on residential and my hook got stuck but it turned out it was someone else’s. I also enjoyed the tea party when Amelia gave me a sweetener and I thought I was supposed to eat it.

  7. Emily says:

    I found it funny when we were doing science and were sat in a circle on the floor with Mrs Hoyle and the a beetle fell out of the roof, where the projector used to be connected. As well, it was funny when Mr Tiffany came in as Jabba The Hut for Star Wars day and had a massive inflatable green consume on.

  8. Sukey says:

    What made me smile was that my friends remembered my birthday and got me presents and it made me smile because the presents were so nice.

    What made me laugh was when ,on Star Wars day, Mr T dressed as Jabba the Hut and it looked really funny.

    Another thing that stood out was when a beetle fell out of the hole in the ceiling.

  9. Megan H says:

    My favourite memory from year six was on residential when we did the abseil and gorge scramble. It was fun when Khadijah kept getting washed away by the water and I had to keep pushing her back up.

  10. Daisy says:

    One of my most memorable parts of this year was on Residential when everyone in are tent was having a laughing fit. I have loved this year so much and it is a real shame to leave such a wonderful place.

  11. Ty and Joel says:

    Our favourite and funniest memory would had, had to been in the leavers show when mine and Joel’s moustache was hanging off midway through our song.

  12. Faye says:

    My favourite teacher is certainly Mr Garlick, he always manages to bring a smile to my face even when I’m upset! Mr G will be missed very much and I hope he does well in the future.

    I am very lucky to be going to a high school in which my my friends are going to but I will miss Hana and Hannah a lot!

  13. Sally says:

    I have had such a wonderful year my favourite memory was when we jumped off the stone wall on residential because I have never jumped off something so high.It was so fun.The teachers have made me laugh with their jokes. I will never forget this school it has helped me on my journey through primary school.

  14. Zahra says:

    My best bit this year was when Eesha and Adara where fighting over a tissue box then I called them something and everyone else started laughing.

  15. Ali says:

    I hope that everyone has a good holiday best wishes from Ali and my mum and dad and sister and baby brother.

  16. Lauren says:

    Friends:cheering me up
    Teachers:helping me learn
    Others:residential when we did a fashion show in the night.

  17. Faye says:

    My favourite memory was definitely residential; it was amazing! I also really enjoyed going to Leed’s city museum.

  18. Jay says:

    I really enjoyed the residential and all the fun moments throughout the year.

  19. Cole says:

    My memory with friends is whilst on residential me and keanush were talking and he put a wet-suit on backwards.

    My memory with the teachers is when I sucked on a green pen and all the inc came out into my mouth and stained my teeth.

    What stands out to me was when I had to go to the fire station to get a cable tie off of my finger! 😛

  20. Adara says:

    We did jokes and I pretended that I was someone’s child. Mr Tiffany did jokes that made me laugh.

  21. Hana N says:

    My favourite memory was residential.

  22. Megan L says:

    My favourite memory was when we were on residential , me and Darcy were called the incompetent canoers . It was so funny!

  23. Eesha says:

    Getting my handwriting pen on the second day of Y6.
    Getting 1 special mention for being happy.
    Mr Tiffany taking time to type and write a letter to all of us.

    • Eesha says:

      **Add to my other comment**

      Leading my group on Via Ferarta on residential.

  24. Hana N says:

    My favourite memory was residential

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