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Improper fractions and mixed numbers homework


A fun video that introduces you to mixed numbers and improper fractions. Watch this first.

A visual way of converting a mixed number to an improper fraction

A visual way of converting an improper fraction to a mixed number.

Homework this week is to complete the activities that I have set for you on Mathletics. The activities ask you to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. The videos on this page will help you to complete the Mathletics activities.

Grace, Niamh and Abe have created a video to help you.

Please jot down you working out on a piece of paper. I am interested in seeing the jottings and pencil and paper methods that you used to help complete the homework.

Once you have finished your homework, leave a comment stating:

The time you started:

The time you finished:

How long it took you:

Also, report back on how you think you got on with the homework and any parts that you found tricky.


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