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Dunkirk, Operation Dynamo and Puppet Pals


Today we have been getting to grips with our new ipad technology and what it can do for our learning.

Good historians look at the evidence and come up with their own point of view.

As part of our WW2 topic wew have been looking at historical sources of information about Operation Dynamo in May and June 1940. Operation Dynamo was heralded by as a huge success. Over 300,000 allied troops were evacuated from Dunkirk and the beaches of Northern France. What is more, hundreds of volunteer boats formed an armada of rescue boats ferrying allied troops back to Britain.

The British press proclaimed Operation Dynamo as a triumph and the ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ has become part of British History. We have been looking into whether the operation was a smooth and seamless evacuation.

We have used our new ipad mobile technology to present our discussions. Using the Puppet Pals HD app, we were able to create our characters and find appropriate backdrops to help support the different sides of the story. We had to know our stuff and communicate our knowledge in a convincing and engaging way. We also tried hard to use a range of connectives to build our arguments and oppose the other points of view. Watch some of our stories and tell us what you think.

Hamzah and Olly

Hannah and Hanna

The retreat and evacuation from Dunkirk led to one of the most famous wartime speeches of Winston Churchill. You can listen to this speech below.



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