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Angles – Don’t get in a tangle! Watch these videos to learn more about angles.


Start off with this great song – it will help you with naming different types of angle. Don’t you tangle with me!

Watch this video as as Angle Man helps you use a right angle to estimate the size of other angles.

This video from the Khan Academy shows you how to use a protractor to measure the size of an angle.

No maths angle page would be complete without meeting Angle Man from Maths Mansion! He’s waiting for you with his ‘Angle-Bangle’

Watch this video from Australia where a class of Year 8 children report back on all of the different angles they have been working on. You will soon realise there are many more angles in addition to the acute, obtuse, right angles, straight line angles and reflex angles that we are more familiar with in Y6.

This video from Khan Academy poses a really tricky angle finding problem. If you fancy a challenge, pause the video and have a go yourself before the tutor explains how to do it. Watching the video from the children in Australia will help give you some clues about where to start!

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