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Could of, or Could have – which one is correct? Kai, Ella, Alex and countless other fall into the ‘Of Trap’.


Check out these marvellous mistakes. Perhaps it is because we come from Yorkshire and everyone around here talks funny. Who knows…this writer is a Lancastrian. Anyway, while writing our conditional sentences we spotted an alarming grammatical pitfall that lots of the class fell into: using the word ‘of’ instead of ‘have’ in our conditional sentences.

Take a look at Ella, Kai, Alex and Jess’ sentences. Can you spot their mistakes? They have and have spent time editing their work to put it right.

Be aware of this pitfall and don’t fall into it with your writing. If you do, make sure you re-read each sentence that you write and check it for sense. Leave a comment about your experience of using ‘of’ instead of ‘have’ in your writing.

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