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Beauty of Life Diary Entry


Learning Log Homework WE 25th January 2012

Both pieces to be completed by Wednesday January 30th


You have two pieces of Learning Log homework this weekend.


1. Read my comments from your Kitchen Science homework and respond to them


2. Write a first hand account from one day in the life of Lars from the short film The Beauty of Life.


Write in the first person, (as if you are Lars) writing about a memorable moment from your life. Watch the film to get some ideas about what you decide to write about.

Here are some ideas:

  • The day the neighbours moved in
  • The day I told my girlfriend that I loved her
  • The day I got married
  • The day we brought our baby home
  • Flying the kites with the kids
  • The day the children left home
  • The day my wife passed away
  • The day I got my new dog.

 Publish your diary on the blog and tag it into the category of flashback narrative stories.

 Your diary entry must be organised into paragraphs.

  • Use metaphors and similes to bring the writing to life
  • Use a range of sentence types 2a, complex sentences, short impact sentences,etc…
  • Use a range of punctuation
  • Use a range of sentence openers ‘ing’, ‘ly’, ‘ed’, simile,  
  • Use an informal chatty style to bring it to capture the reader’s attention


The day we brought our  baby home

 All was quiet when we arrived home. It was midnight. As I opened the garden gate, the church bells chimed splitting the night in two. The garden path was a ribbon in the moonlight and Karen carried our new bundle of happiness along it and into the house. Quietly we tiptoed through the house, gathering up his blankets.

I’ll never forget the excitement of placing little Alex in his basket for the first time. I also won’t forget how he woke me up two hours later, crying at the top of his voice for some food. I have a feeling that having a small baby is not going to be easy!

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