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Friday 22nd May

22/05/2020 at 07:00


We’ve come to the end of a full half term of home learning – well done everyone! I know I’ve said it before, but I continue to be impressed every day with the work that is being submitted and the effort you are all putting in. Thank you so much.

This week was cooking and baking week and you did not disappoint with your creations! I said I would pick a star baker, so here are a few ‘winners’ just for fun…

The Paul Hollywood Award for Best Bread

The nominees are…

  • Erin’s soda bread
  • Tia’s ‘snowgirl’ white bread
  • Stevie’s cheese rolls
  • Jack’s Challah loaf

And the winner is… Jack!

The Mary Berry Award for Best Cake

The nominees are…

  • Elsa’s chocolate fudge cake
  • Lewis’ skittles cake
  • Sophie’s Victoria sponge
  • Adam’s cheesecake
  • Harry’s no-slug chocolate cake

And the winner is… Lewis!

The Nigella Lawson award for Best Sweet Treat

The nominees are…

  • Corday’s chocolate cornflake buns
  • Betsy’s red velvet brownies
  • Jaya’s scones
  • Erin’s chocolate flapjacks

And the winner is… Betsy!

The Jamie Oliver Award for the Best Savoury Dish

The nominees are…

  • Joey’s fry up
  • Zachary’s sweet and sour chicken
  • Sally’s tuna pasta bake
  • Sam’s unnamed pasta dish

And the winner is… Sally!

The Heston Blumenthal Award for Best Showstopper

And the winner is… Zahrah!

I had a very difficult time picking those winners as they were all so excellent. Well done again to everyone who managed to cook something this week, even if you didn’t manage to send a photo in. I hope you enjoyed making (and eating) your creations!

Here are your tasks for today:

  • English – Finish writing your recipes
  • English – Spelling Quiz
  • Maths – Friday Challenge (problem solving)
  • Topic – Geography – Brain Pop lesson
  • Topic – Coding – You keep asking for coding, so I have set another challenge you can complete if you want to!
  • Google Meet – 1pm – All get together for class ‘photo’ for your yearbooks. Brush your hair, get dressed, and pop onto Google Meet where I will take a screen shot of you all together. It would be brilliant to have you all there!

Have a lovely restful half term everyone. To those of you who will be coming back to school on the 1st of June, I’m really looking forward to seeing you. To those who will be staying at home, keep up the amazing work, stay safe and as soon as we can, we will arrange an opportunity for us all to get together again.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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Wednesday 20th May

20/05/2020 at 07:00


Good morning Year 6,

We’re busy cooking and baking in 6S this week – well done to those of you who have already made a start on this challenge! I’ve been very, very impressed with your efforts so far!

Well done to Joel and Sam who were joint champions on our Spelling Shed Hive game on Google Meet yesterday. Remember to keep practising your spellings at home as much as you can.

Here are your tasks for the next two days:


  • English – Recipe writing task (due on Friday)
  • Maths – Divide fractions by integers
  • Geography – Time Zones


  • English – Fluency Tutor reading task
  • Maths – Fractions of an amount
  • Topic – P.E challenge
  • Google Meet – 1pm – maths game and help with maths work

Enjoy the sunshine today; make sure to get outside as much as you can – don’t forget the suncream!

I wonder if anyone else has found a fairy garden in their local area? Is there something you could do to brighten up someone else’s daily exercise? This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the focus is Be Kind. See if you can do something kind for someone else today.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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Monday 18th May

18/05/2020 at 07:00


Good Morning Year 6,

Here are details of your tasks for the next two days:


  • English – Using hyperbole, similes and metaphors (BBC Bitesize lesson)
  • Maths – Multiplying fractions by integers
  • Topic – History – The Industrial Revolution: Industrial Power


  • English – Reading Comprehension – The Industrial Revolution
  • Maths – Multiply fractions by fractions
  • Topic – Cooking / baking challenge!
  • Google Meet – 11:00am – Join us for a Spelling Shed Hive Game and to go over the maths work from Monday and Tuesday

Please also practise the first set of words from your spelling pack this week.

Today I’ll leave you with the yummy banana bread that Elsa made as part of last week’s Friday maths challenge – well done Elsa!

Wishing you all a lovely week,

Mrs Sykes

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Friday 15th May

15/05/2020 at 07:00


Good morning Year 6,

It’s Friday again! Let’s start off with some more fantastic rainbow art, this time from Jaya.

I’m really enjoying seeing all your artwork and creative projects – do keep the pictures coming in!

It has been a busy week in 6S as usual. We have been learning about latitude and longitude and labelling the different parts of the Earth:

Well done Pareen!

And we completed some more draw-alongs with Rob Biddulph:

This week I also set the children a debating task. The children really rose to this challenge and have produced some fantastic work, demonstrating a mature ability to consider things from different viewpoints and use evidence to form their opinions. Unsurprisingly, a lot of children chose to consider the issue of whether children should return to school on the 1st of June, but we also had a range of other interesting discussion topics, including footballers’ salaries, use of plastic, reducing the voting age, animal testing and the all-important debate of which are better: cats or dogs?! This work isn’t due until tomorrow, but here is a taster of the children’s work so far:

For today’s Google Meet, as well as the usual end of week quiz, I thought we might have some votes on the issues the children have written about, so have your work ready if you would like to try to change anyone’s opinion about your topic!

Here are details of today’s assignments:

  • English – Debating Lesson 2 (finishing work)
  • Maths – Friday Challenge. This week’s White Rose Friday Challenge is a baking activity with an associated maths sheet that you might like to try OR you can make a poster about the different types of quadrilateral using the PowerPoint and poster on Google Classroom to help you.
  • Topic – French – Days of the Week
  • Google Meet – 1pm – Chat, quiz and debates (very informal, no pressure to talk, pets and snacks welcome, would be lovely to see you all there!)

Thank you all for another week of hard work.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs Sykes

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Wednesday 13th May

13/05/2020 at 07:00


Good morning Year 6,

Well done for all your hard work so far this week.

You’ve been recapping your work on fractions and thinking about different ways to compare two fractions. The children on Google Meet today all said they preferred to find a common denominator when comparing two fractions. To solve one question from today’s work, Joel found a common numerator and Harry used a bar model. Could you use the common denominator method to solve this question? Which method would be most efficient?

You have also been using personification to write descriptions – I really enjoyed reading this work!

I stood there watching the dust cover the land like a blanket. The wind groaned as the people of the village hid away. The houses stood still waiting to be covered in dust and sand. The trees flung side to side dancing in rhythm with the wind. Clouds and sky were nowhere to be seen. The wind was throwing plastic bags around and pushing over the bins. The fragile plants carefully balanced in the strong and angry wind. (Sophie)

Cascading through the Australian plains, the dust storm released its anger on anything that touched it. The unwavering echo of the storm’s evil laugh was heard for miles. The trees moaned and screamed under the immense pressure of one thousand tonnes of rock and sand hitting them. (Sam)

The huge dust storm came tumbling in like an angry giant. As she filmed, the angry giant came nearer and nearer her nervous limbs were restraining themselves from running away. The storm ate up all of the village as its dinner. She felt the gritty dust running across her shaking arms. (Betsy)

The dust crawls across the land. Dust and sand particles dance around in the air. The sun smiles through the dust. (Lewis)

The dust swallowed everything in its path like a ravenous wild crocodile. The sound of the dust jumped around the man’s ears as he anxiously filmed the massive wall of dust. As the strong winds swept across the dry lands the wind bullied the trees. (Zahrah)

The dust storm stomped other buildings and strangled the crops. It swallowed the land and anything in its way until it stormed off. (Harry)

And here are some extracts from your excellent work about a famous figure from history. I was really impressed by the detailed research you did and the effort you put into presenting your information. We had a wonderful variety of people chosen too – well done!

You also did completed a coding challenge!

Great work Wyatt!
Not quite the task that was assigned, but great work anyway, Finn!

Here are details of your tasks for the next two days:

Today’s tasks:

  • English – Debating Lesson 1
  • Maths – Add and Subtract Fractions
  • Geography – Latitude and Longitude

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • English – Debating Lesson 2
  • Maths – Mixed Addition and Subtraction
  • Art – Draw with Rob
  • Google Meet – 12pm – help with maths (or any other work you would like help with)

Keep up the great work, everyone, and enjoy these rainbows from Sally 🙂

Mrs Sykes

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Monday 11th May

11/05/2020 at 07:00


Good morning 6S,

I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Had it not been for lockdown, you would probably all have woken up this morning feeling a bit nervous ahead of SATs week. Instead, we have another week of home learning! Hopefully you are feeling quite pleased that we do not have to complete a week of tests this week, but I know some of you might be feeling disappointed, frustrated or even worried about the cancellation of the tests. I would like to reassure you that there is absolutely no need to worry: you will have plenty of other opportunities over the next few years to demonstrate your knowledge and take exams, and your high schools will be given all the information they need to support you when you start in September. Your parents and I don’t need to see your SATs results to know how brilliant you all are, and you are impressing us so much more by the independence, resilience and creativity you are showing at the moment than you ever could by achieving a scaled score of 100 on a test. So, let’s all enjoy the fact that SATs are cancelled!

We might not be doing SATs, but we do still need to do some work, so here are your tasks for today. Full details are on Google Classroom:

  • English – Using Personification in a Setting Description (BBC Bitesize lesson)
  • Maths – Simplify Fractions
  • Topic – Science – Parts of the Circulatory System (using the sheets from your resource pack)

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • English – Reading Comprehension
  • Maths – Compare and Order Fractions
  • Topic – ICT – Coding

I will be available on Google Meet at 11:15am on Monday and Tuesday if anyone would like any help with their maths work.

Here are a few more examples of your excellent work from last week.

Art / Nature Challenge:


This is a poem following the structure Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Rhyme, Emotion, Repetition, Alliteration, Personification, Simile. Well done if you managed to follow the structure exactly, but also well done if you applied the techniques to your own structure – rules in poetry are often made to be broken!


I am a tiger, my teeth are swords.

My claws slash the air.

My fur is like a cloud and my roar is really loud.

Look into my eyes, a sea of grey.

I love tigers, I love tigers, I love tigers.

Tame terrible tigers.

my deadly  black striped dance in the wind.

I am majestic, like a bird.


M   The monster is a blazing fire,

O    He snarls at the birds and roars at the squirrels,

R     His teeth as big as the humans beneath,

E     He strikes fear into the heart of anyone he sees,

R     He is pain He is pain he is pain,

A     The monster mauled the Mini kids,

P     He’s the personification of pain,

S     He’s as scary as a thousand of the ugliest witches, riding mouldy broomsticks.

By Harry

The Wood

I was walking through the woods,

I then pulled up my hood.

I was surrounded by trees,

all of them were around me.

Everything extremely dark,

all the trees and all the bark.

The wind was howling,

and the darkness was growling.

The moon was like a light,

but it only shows at the darkest night.

While I was walking walking,

all the crows were squawking squawking.

All of the woods out over there,

That is the home of my nightmare.


The Midnight Unicorn

Her fur was a black as the night,

But her horn was shiny and bright,

Her mane was a think blanket,

No one ever saw her eyes,

Her hooves clashed in the moonlight,

Her neigh echoed in the night,

Some people believed,

And some people didn’t,

Rumors were spread,

That the unicorn was dead,

Nobody had seen her for weeks,

And danger was in the air,

She had protected the city,

Her fighting was pretty,

Some people believed,

And some people didn’t,

The city grew dark,

The unicorn hadn’t left a mark,

They couldn’t fight for themselves,

They relied on the unicorn,

They didn’t know how to fight,

To them it was a terrible fright,

Some people believed,

And some people didn’t,

One night they was a boy,

Sat playing with his toy,

He heard the sound of hooves,

It made him jump to his feet,

Out of the corner of his eye he saw,

Something that made him drop open his jaw,

The midnight unicorn,

Shimmering her glossy horn,

Some people believed,

Some people didn’t

From the day the city was out of danger,

Even from the single stranger,

The city felt alive,

Everyone was happy,

The enemies were gone,

As the unicorns horn shone,

Everybody believed,

And nobody didn’t.

By Sophie

Also well done to everyone who labelled the organs of the body correctly…

Well done Owen!

And to those of you who completed a presentation about a famous historical figure – I will share some of those later in the week.

Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this week!

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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