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Life in the Victorian Cities – Was it all that bad?

20/01/2017 at 08:44


This week, we have been making comparisons between the lives of people in rural areas to the newly booming cities. They did this by continuing to develop their source analysis skills using the key skills of retrieval, inference and questioning to deepen their understanding.


What can we learn from these pictures?

(One of them is of Leeds, which is it I wonder?)


Finally, the children used their new found knowledge to decide where they would rather live – the city of the countryside using evidence to support their opinion.


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This week in English – WB 16.1.17

20/01/2017 at 08:15


This week in English, we have continued to write our narratives targeted at a Year 2 audience. The children have worked incredible hard to write an engaging narrative, demonstrate their skills but control their use of language to ensure the intended audience understands what they have written.

Samples coming soon!

I’ve been really impressed with the children’s ability to edit and improve their work and attempting to include those key grammatical skills.

Next week:
The children are going to work on biographies including turning their recent learning log into a biography.

This link gives a bit of information about some elements of a biography


Keep learning those Y5/6 spellings as they are going to feature heavily in our spelling tests over the next couple of weeks.

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This week in maths – WB 16.1.17

19/01/2017 at 16:33


This week in maths, we have been continuing to apply knowledge of calculation methods from integers to decimals. The children have applied their knowledge and understanding of place value as well as identifying patterns that allow them to improve the speed at which they answer.

Homework is emaths reasoning paper 1 which follows the same time limit rules as last week – independent and in a 30 minute time limit to answer as many as they can. If they wish to do more, that’s fine but it needs to be made clear how many were answered in the time.

We won’t be sending full papers home each week but felt this was a good opportunity to practise techniques and for parents to see a sample of what the paper will look like.


Next week, we will be recapping long division and looking at division that produces a decimal answer instead of a remainder. Watch below for a bit of help:
Long division
Some practise questions can be found here: Link


Division that produces a decimal answer

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This week in maths – WB 6/1/17

13/01/2017 at 16:23


Our focus this week has been decimal place value and understanding the difference between tenths, hundredths and thousandths. The children have spent some time revising the basics and then moving on to various types of reasoning to allow them to demonstrate and extend their understanding.

The children continue to work really hard to improve their reasoning skills by clearly demonstrating their understanding.

Homework this week is an arithmetic paper from emaths – practice paper A1. The children need to spend a maximum of 30 minutes on it and then stop. If the children want to continue, they need to make it clear which questions were answered after the 30 minute deadline.


Next week: multiplying decimals – to get ahead, watch this video to understand the process of how to do it.

How to multiply a decimal:


Formal multiplication of numbers including decimals:


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Topic Homework – Victorian Agriculture

13/01/2017 at 14:18


This week, in history, we have been learning about the lives of people in the countryside by examining different source materials.

Source analysis is a fundamental part of history learning and makes use of some of the same skills as reading.

One of which is a BBC series and as a pretty nice piece of homework, I’d like the children to watch at least half of it and comment with 3 things they have learned. If, for some reason, they can’t comment, please write it on paper or email me directly to show that you’ve watched it.

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This week in maths: Multiplying and dividing with fractions

04/01/2017 at 20:50


This week in maths, we are continuing to learn about how to calculate with fractions. Specifically, multiplying pairs of proper fractions and dividing fractions – a new concept for lots of the children.



When multiplying fractions, we created arrays to demonstrate how and why the answers become smaller. Some of the children, then moved on to using written methods when their understanding was clear.


Why not try these games to practise:





When dividing fractions by an integer, we do some strange things to reach our answer. In effect, you take each piece of the denominator and divide it by your divisor to find the new denominator. The numerator doesn’t change.




Coming Thursday 5th PM.

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