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Super Stars!

18/06/2021 at 16:09


A very quick blog from us this week as the children have been completing their final assessments for the year. As SATs tests were cancelled, it allowed us a little more preparation time after lockdown learning to prepare for our final assessments. Mrs Dobkin and I have been so impressed with the learning attitudes and the revision time the children have put in over the last few weeks. The children were ready and approached the tests with confidence and maturity and we couldn’t be prouder of them! A huge well done to you all!


Next week we will be delivering our RSE content. We hosted the meeting on Monday evening but if you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email.

[email protected] [email protected]

Please ensure you add any additional miles to the online form over the weekend and a huge well done!


I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend.

Miss Jones and Mrs Dobkin

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21/05/2021 at 16:25


Well done to 6S children who have written the blog this week!


On Monday, we started a new topic on angles. We were taught how many degrees are in a circle and how many degrees on a straight line. We were also taught what a quarter turn and what a 3 quarter turn is. The next day, we had to measure some angles using a protractor and it was pretty tricky because the protractors had 2 scales! Wednesday was very hard because lots of questions were asking us to measure reflex angles which are bigger than 180 degrees and smaller than 360 degrees. We had three types of challenges :  Easy, Medium and Hard. Some people did all 3 challenges while some didn’t. Mrs Dobkin had a hard job because she had to teach 2 different lessons on Friday!

 Ethan’s 10 question

  1. 21 x (3-1) = 
  2. 32 divided by 1.5 = 
  3. X = 13

T = X times 3

C = X times 6 + T x 14 

What is C?

  1. What is the mean of these numbers? 26, 56, 80, 54 
  2. E x W x R = 300763    R, E and W are the same number. What are their values?  E =              W =                  R =     
  3. 904 divided by 8 = 
  4. 542 x (343 divided by 49) = 
  5. 953 + 990958 = 
  6. 5555 – 896 = 
  7.  Y = 12         O = 2        G = 65    U = 108     R = 52     T = 17

What is YOGURT?


On Friday, we did science and we made periscopes! The first periscope was used by religious people and monks  to see over the heads of other people! It was also used for submarines so that they could see over the water.  We had a choice to make the periscope with a cereal box or with card. It was very fun and most of us were able to create a working one!


On Wednesday, we did PSHE and we were talking about the ups and downs about transition and heading into High school. We talked about how we can stay organised and prevent ourselves forgetting things. We were discussing not being scared about getting lost because an abundance of people are going to be there and a teacher is going to guide us. One of the most common worries was not making friends, being the odd one out and just not being yourself but thankfully we resolved the problems and we have a smile on our face even though there are still a few nerves.


During English we were writing about a clip called El Caminante, which is about a man who visits a village and walks a tightrope between cliffs. We drew plans for our versions of El Caminante which we will be writing soon. We also collected some great vocabulary for descriptive writing.


On Tuesday in P.E we did football and circuits. In football we focused on defending the goals and attacking the other goals. Some of us managed to stay on our feet, others were exhausted while playing invading games. We did this for one hour and then we moved on to circuits. All together we did eight circuits: star jumps, squat jumps, shuttle run, arm circles, sit ups, mountain climbers, triceps’ dips and lunges. After all the circuits we were really tired so we went to class and read our class book called holes. So far it is a very interesting book.


In PPA, the farming group saw some blue tits nesting in the bird box outside the greenhouse. They also left out a broken egg for a magpie to eat. The art group made brilliant clay models. They are doing Jean Tinguely and their models were based on that. The coders made multiple-choice adventure games.

Thank you and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

From Year 6

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14/05/2021 at 15:30


Well done to Abbie, Florrie, Alexis, Jacob and Sehaj who have spent their time writing the blog this week.


In English this week, we worked on a news report in a group. We all wrote our lines and rehearsed. We read our lines out loud then went to either the library or the hall to record our news reports! Then we also printed out our QR codes to stick in our books. We also printed out our Highwayman news reports and stuck them in our books. We all really enjoyed English this week as it was different for us because we don’t normally do actual news reports! The News Report was based on the Highwayman’s death and news reporters reporting the death and talking to witnesses about his death.


This week in Maths, we all worked on circles and pie charts. We all worked in our White Rose Maths booklets. We all drew our own pie charts and we recorded data on them. We all learnt the parts of the circle e.g. the circumference. Today, we worked on the mean in maths. We also learnt how to work out the mean. The formula is, you add up the amount of numbers there are then you divide them by the amount of numbers e.g. 56 divided by 4.Once you get used to the formula the questions will be really easy to work out. Everyone found it a bit hard at first but we all got used to it. We also did challenges about pie charts which was fun. We really enjoyed maths this week because we learnt more about pie charts, circles and the mean! We all do our maths in our White Rose Maths booklets and we have almost finished them!


In science this week we have been working on our slide presentation that we started last week about Isaac Newton’s light theory. We mostly managed to have them all done by the end of the school day. We learnt about Isaac’s theories on rainbows and telescopes and how they work. We also learnt  facts about  his life and what he did in it. We did that in the hour we had to complete the slides before dojo time. Science is always so fun when we get to do it (experiments are our favourite part about science).


This week in PPA, we all did coding and RE in class with Mrs Dupreez as a lot of staff were taking the day off to celebrate Eid. First we did RE. As there were different groups who were all meant to be doing different things , half of the class  learnt about Christianity and the other half learnt about Sikhism. We all worked on google classroom to answer some questions about the task. After afternoon break, we all went on to work on our adventure games that we were creating on trinket.com. Then, at the end of the lesson, we all sat down at our chairs and played our classmates’ games!

Guided Reading

In Guided reading we have finished The Highwayman and started a new poem called The Listeners. So far we have underlined the words we don’t understand and talked about them in class. We had discussed our ideas about the words we didn’t understand and then we were told what they actually meant. It is a very interesting poem and most of us enjoyed it so I think we are all excited to work on this poem more next week! We are also reading a new book called Holes. We are enjoying the start of the book so far!


In PSHE this week we talked about mental health some more. We did posters about what we can do to help people with mental health issues. We also talked about what we do to express ourselves if we have some of these uncomfortable feelings. Some people said dancing and others said different things like yoga. All of us also looked at websites we can go to for help. One was called Kooth and on it you can talk to professionals if you wanted some support. We all talked about other websites or people we can call and a few of us said Childline or the NSPCC. Once afternoon play was over we tried to finish our posters. Some of us didn’t get it finished though and will complete them next week! At the end we talked some more about our ideas and how we can improve mental health.


In history this week we wrote letters to our families from the perspective of a person living in the industrial revolution. We all did two each, one being the positives of the city after only being there for two days and the other negatives from being there for 2 months. There were different people in different situations or wanting a certain job to choose from. Overall it was very fun to do and we all found it very fun!


For homework we are doing:

  • Pages 86 and 87 in our math SATS book
  • 7 Mathletics tasks (2 weeks to complete)
  • 10 games on spelling shed.
  • Pages 38 and 39 in English SATS book.

Over all we all have had a fantastic week in class and enjoyed everything that we have done. Have a great weekend!

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A blog written by 6S!

07/05/2021 at 15:10


After the success of last week’s blog, 6S took the reins this week and here is the result!


In English this week we have been doing more work on The Highway Man poem written by Alfred Noyes. We have been writing newspaper reports about the death of the Notorious Highway Man. For the past few weeks of this half term, we have been learning about how to write a good report about the big events of the poem. In the reports there are quotes from characters who experienced the death, an orientation paragraph, two main body paragraphs, a reorientation paragraph, questions and headlines. We wrote our newspapers over the course of two days and everyone worked really hard on it. Here are some of the newspapers:


We have now finished our topic on ratio and are starting line graphs. On Tuesday, we learnt to read and interpret them by asking simple questions like: Exactly what time was it when George was 150ft above sea level? 2:00pm. The next day, we learnt to use the appropriate scale for the graphs and we were told that this was important to drawing them. The maths on Thursday was some SATS questions and personally I think question 4 (converting between different currencies using a line graph) was the trickiest. Today (Friday), the whole class did an arithmetic paper and we watched some videos on the YouTube channel Mr Wall. Here is the link to his YouTube channel:


Well done Year 6!

Ethan’s 10 question quiz

  1. 46 x 51 = 
  2. 4041 divided by 3 = 
  3. 2745 + 4763 = 
  4. 7628 – 879 =
  5. 2 x 25 – 23 = 
  6. At 2:00pm, Mo went on an exactly steady run. By 3:00pm, he had walked 1884m. How many metres had he run at 2:15?
  7. How many metres had he run at 2:45?
  8. (34 x 22) divided by 4 = 
  9. £50 equals about 58 euros. How many pounds is 406 euros?
  10.  E = 4

R = 5E

T = 7R

H = 3T

What is the value of 4H + 14R?  


Our topic in science at the moment is light and reflections. This week, we did slide presentations on Isaac Newton as he was the first person to create a telescope. Nuraniya said “I liked working with my friends in a group activity because I got to share my ideas.”


In P.E. this week, we did some Tag Rugby with Karl where we learnt how to do side steps and pretending to pass to a team member. Then, since it was cold, we went inside and went round the hall doing different circuits for forty-five seconds per activity. We counted how many of each exercise we did and then tried to beat our score the second time round.


The highlight of this week had to be PPA. In cooking 6J made rhubarb buns with Miss Saunders. They were delicious! The topic in art this week is based on Jean Tinguely’s kinetic art. This included sketching cogs which Tinguely is famous for using in his art.

This term Year 6 have been making adventure games and doing RE with Mrs du Preez. They have been learning about Christian compassion. On the farm, many tomato plants have been planted , including Nimbus and Sweet millions. While visiting them; chickens allowed some of the children to pick them up.


This week in French, we learnt about all of the body parts. Such as pied which means foot. Mrs Dobkin taught and spoke completely in French again.


This week in Music we haven’t been able to sing so we have been using glockenspiels. We learnt how to play “A, A, G, G” to make a tune and we also learnt how to play “Happy Birthday to You” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb” plus “Twinkle Little star” (we didn’t properly learn them though because they were quite tricky).

Word of the Week and Guided Reading

The word of the week is unsullied which means someone is unspoiled. In Guided Reading, we have been answering questions about the Highwayman. For the past three weeks, we have been using a book called Classic Poetry for year 5  and 6, written by Kate Heap. 


This week for homework, we will be using our SATs revision books; in the Maths book, we will be filling in the Bar charts and Line graphs pages, pages 84-85, and in the English book, we will be filling in the Choice of Language pages, pages 12-13.

Photo of the Maths hw pages

Photo of the English hw pages

We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

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A new sort of blog…

30/04/2021 at 15:13


This week the blog has been written by some of the children in 6J. A huge well done to Jacob, Gursimran and Raman, who spent lots time today working at it!


This week we have been writing our newspaper reports unit. This week we have been planning and drafting a new piece of writing; our news reports of Lord and Lady Money being robbed by the infamous ‘villain’ the highwayman!

In guided reading this week we have been doing some questions about the highwayman, linked to retrieving information. It was fun to spot all of the details the poet had used.


During the week, we have been finishing off our ratio topic with some SATS style questions. We have also been making some revision cards focusing on the topics that we find difficult. As well as that, we have been practicing our arithmetic skills and focusing on some of the trickier questions.


Science experiments and investigations have always been a fun part of the week. We have been carrying on from our topic of light and how we see. This week we have done some modelling of how we can see things. Olivia says, “This week’s modelling task has been fun, exciting and exhilarating!”


This term, our history topic is focusing on the industrial revolution and the change between simple houses and farms to big cities and factories. We have also been identifying the reasons why people decided to move to the city: higher wages, modern houses and better living conditions.


PPA has always been a highlight of the week, especially for the children who get to do cooking. This week our class has been enjoying some farming despite the cold weather and poppy- themed art. “A favourite and most enjoyable part of farming has always been feeding the chickens. ”Nathan and Iman. In art, we have been drawing poppies and colouring them in.


For homework this week the children have been given:

  • Spelling Shed – 10 games
  • Mathletics 2 tasks
  • Maths SATS booklet ordering numbers page 2 and 3 and Scales page 44 and 45
  • English SATS book prefixes page 52

Hope you enjoy the long bank holiday weekend!

Miss Jones and Mrs Dobkin

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A fabulous first week back!

23/04/2021 at 15:10


We have certainly been blessed with the weather this week and it has been an absolute pleasure to see the children enjoying themselves in the sunshine. We have hit the ground running and the children have been working very hard this week in all areas.


This week we have started our new unit on poetry. The text we are focusing on is the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. It is a tricky text with lots of new vocabulary to unpick and analyse. The children have really enjoyed the text so far and have spent lots of time developing their understanding of the themes and ideas presented by the writer.

Here is a video link to an animated reading of the poem.

  • We also looked at some of the metaphors in the poem and asked children to represent these through water colours.
  • The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees
  • The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas
  • The road was a ribbon of moonlight, over the purple moor
  • His eyes were hollows of madness

Here are the children’s representations:


Worries! We all have them and this week we took the opportunity to really speak about them and how they make us feel. We discussed that adults and children have some worries which are separate. The children also discussed how these worries might make us feel and how our actions and behaviours may change. Following this we discussed what we could do to help alleviate some of the worries we may have by sharing the story ‘Bag of worries’. Here is a link to the story on our school website: http://ffwellbeing.primaryblogger.co.uk/helpful-books/


The children this week began French lessons with Mrs Dobkin.  She spoke to them entirely in French for the lesson and year 6 worked incredibly hard to understand her. They revised how to pronounce words correctly and recapped counting to twenty, common colours and months of the year. She was very impressed by how much they knew already.

Can you remember any of the French we learned for the colours red, green, grey, blue and black?


For this weeks homework we would like the children to complete:

  • Pages 42 and 43 in Maths SATS booklet – Ratio
  • Pages 18 and 19 in English SATS book – reading poetry
  • 2 x Mathletics tasks
  • Spelling shed 10 games on new spellings

We hope that you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Miss Jones and Mrs Dobkin

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